Woman survived 70-floor fall after elevator collapsed: are elevators dangerous?

  • They are dangerous, but can be used safely

    Elevators are dangerous, as they are mechanical and can malfunction. However, they are also useful and can save a lot of time. Obviously the height of the floors affects how dangerous a fall can be. Even the doors can pose a danger if they don't open or close safely, and when an elevator gets stuck, that can be dangerous. Most of the time, they aren't though, and the time saving is worth the risk.

  • Yes, modern elevators incorporate safety features to help prevent fatal falls.

    Statistically, elevators are quite safe, as long as their safety features function properly and passengers remain fully inside the car. Most elevator-related injuries and fatalities happen to construction or maintenance workers, followed by people who fall down shafts or are crushed after being caught in elevator doors or between floors.

  • Yes, elevators are dangerous.

    I will choose to agree with the question and state that elevators are dangerous but then again what isn't? One could argue that it is safer and healthier for you physically to take the stairs however you may just as easily trip, fall and end up doing some brutal physical damage there too.

  • Yes, everything has a potential for hazard and danger

    Cars kill hundreds of millions all the time, yet we continue to drive them everywhere. All technology has a potential to cause harm if malfunctions. This includes elevators, cars, escalators, drills, you name it! Stairs can just as easily harm you, and kitchen knives are extremely dangerous! Therefore yes, but everything is pretty much.

  • Elevators are dangerous.

    Firstly,stairs promote physical fitness and helps in leading a healthy life.
    Secondly, some people fear going in elevators because sometimes it stops working in between and can cause suffocation and may even lead to death. Many people lose their lives by getting stuck in the doors of elevators. So, yes they are dangerous.

  • Drinking water is dangerous

    Yes, you can choke on water or the water will enter your food pipe, so be cautious while drinking water. And don't use man-made buildings as well, they can collapse. Never use electrical appliances, they will short-circuit in your hand. Don't use the internet either, your accounts can be hacked

  • Let's ban elevators.

    Why not? After all, they are dangerous. There is the added benefit that people would be forced to get into shape, since they'd have to take the stairs. Of course there is the problem of what to do with all of the disabled people. I'm sure the liberal nut jobs could come up with some uber expensive "solution" to the problem though.

  • No, elevators are nost dangerous

    Yes, it was almost a tragedy when elevator collapsed, but thankfully the woman survived. Should we, because of one misfortune, proclaim that elevators are dangerous? No, we shouldn't. If that were the case, then perhaps we should proclaim that airplanes are dangerous? My point is, don't let the generalization take place and allow that one misfortune usher the way of abandoning all the useful things that are perfectly safe in majority of cases.

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