• More women equal a higher quality public space

    Our public spaces need more women, preferably scantily clad. More scantily clad women in public space will render that space higher quality. This practice will make public spaces more appealing to the eye, and in many cases will do away with the need for costly landscaping. Why pay landscapers to maintain plants when we can simply have beautiful half-naked women improve our public spaces instead? More women equal a higher quality space.

  • Gender equality should extend to public space

    The feminist movement has justifiably gained momentum recently and now this debate about gender equality has reached a new fervor with the question of whether or not women should have a greater right to high quality public spaces. I wholeheartedly support this idea because it means that women can feel safe and empowered wherever they go.

  • No, that's sexist

    Just because there are more women does not mean that the space will be better. A space with more men can be just as high quality, while a place with more women can be a messy area of a low quality. Assuming that one gender automatically equals high quality is sexism at its finest.

  • Public space can do better with less women

    It doesn't matter much if public space is filled with more men or members of the opposite sex. Public space needs to be less populated. However, more women in public spaces like parks and other recreational places tend to make the environment more noisy and more intimidating.

    On the noise aspect, gossip is one thing women generally cannot do without, while on the intimidating part, misfits and hooligans around these places generally seem to be more at home molesting women than any other member of the society.

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