Women and Public Space: Does a higher number of women equal a higher quality space?

  • Yes, it does.

    All human activity has a spatial dimension. But “space” is not simply a given physico-material environment. It is continuously generated, confirmed, and changed by cultural, social, and individual action and design. In the construction and appropriation of space, individual corporeality, subjective, situation-related interests, a person’s social life situation, as well as power and dominance relations in society play a significant role. The factors determining spatial appropriation differ in importance for women and men because our society is strongly shaped by the two-gender system, the gender-specific division of labour, and the associated differences in the positions of the two sexes in society. With respect to the use, appropriation, and assessment of space, this means that women and men often have different demands, appropriation opportunities, and options for action.

  • Yes, it does.

    For most of human history men have dominated public spaces. More women in these public spaces would be better. Women deserve to be considered and treated as equals on the same level as men and not to judge and evaluated by their sex. More women in public spaces would be closer to equality.

  • No, a higher number of women in a public space does not equal a higher quality space.

    No, a higher number of women in a public space has nothing to do with the quality of space. A person's gender does not dictate the quality or value of a person. Assuming that a higher number of women per public space means that it is a higher quality space is to assume that all women are the same. This statement does not account for individuality of a person.

  • We need fewer women in public space

    Women depreciate the quality of public space. They are always taking up public benches and sidewalks with their kids and large purses, and they spend too much time talking to each other about totally pointless and meaningless things. If there were less women in public space, there would be more room for men to do valuable things like play dice and drink.

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