Women in combat: Would the military be strengthened by women in combat?

  • Anyone Can Fight

    As long as the same standards are met for fighting in combat among either men or women, anyone should be allowed in combat in the armed forces. Women are just as capable of performing tasks as men. If a woman wants to put her life on the line to defend her country, she should have the right to do so.

  • Women can fight well, even on a non-level playing field

    I have never understood the argument that women cannot make themselves into efficient killing machines the same way men can. Women are amazing at thinking ahead, simultaneously considering several possible outcomes at once, and choosing the one that best fits their goal as a matter of daily life and decision making. These are skills any combat operation should welcome with open arms.

  • Yes, Women in combat would strengthen the military.

    I believe that women in combat would be beneficial to our military because women are equals to men and do have skills and abilities that would be helpful during times of war. Women can be trained to be just as good as a solider than a man in the military. To not allow a woman in the military would be sexist and discriminatory because they are no lesser, in some cases women tend to fight better than a man. But in the terms of war and military the government needs as much man (woman) power as it can get.

  • One must clarify "Combat"

    Women have for many years served in combat situations while deployed in countries such as Iraq, and Afghanistan, and like their male counterparts they have operated with honor, integrity and skill. This is really not a question about can, or should women serve in combat, the question is does the military gain any advantage by assigning women to military units that are expected to engage in close combat and destroy the enemy with all weapons available including their hands (Infantry, Rangers, Green Berets, SEALs, etc.) . I will be the first to state that women soldiers are every bit as smart, intelligent as male soldiers but they are (as a group) also weaker, slower, and do not possess the levels of endurance of your average Infantryman, Ranger, Green Beret, or SEAL. If this was not the fact we would be seeing professional sports recruiters bringing in women right and left to "strengthen" the teams. No, this is about politics, plain and simple. People that tend to think this is some kind of basic human rights issue need to remember it is NOT a right to serve in the military, many men and women are denied every year, No, it is a privilege. Finally, while I am not an expert I did train men and women side by side as a tactics instructor for the US Army where I retired as an Airborne Ranger and Green Beret.

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