• Women should be subservient to men.

    Women should have zero authority over men. They shouldn't vote that only vote for more welfare. Women shouldn't be in the work force as they are a drain on any buisness rather then an asset. Women only consume that don't produce. A woman's brain is 10% smaller than a man's they are litterally children in an adult body. They have destroyed the family this destroying western society. A woman should obey her husband.

  • Yes, they definitely should.

    Women are such spoilt brats these days. They need to be reminded who's in charge. The women of today think that they can do what they want. Well, guess what. They can't. Men can. Men are supposed to be in charge. MEN ARE IN CHARGE OF WOMEN. Deal with it.

  • Yes, they should

    Its been that way for centuries, and women who were submissive were happy women, unlike the brain-dead feminazis of today. However, submissive to an extent, not Muslim submissiveness.
    Females in the animal kingdom are submissive to men, every religion and traditiional culture, including christianity, islam, judaism, hinduism, Zulu people, mexicans, italians, russian culture etc. had women submissive to men. Submission does not equal oppression. Like how kids submit to parents and teachers, theyre not oppressed, they know their place. Coming from a South African, 19yo, Muslim, indian female

  • Come out of the cave.

    The only two advantages that men have over women is that they have a greater inclination to physical power, and they don't have to carry a child for 9 months in order to spread their genes.

    I would argue that most positions do not require great physical strength and that women who are more physically able can complete even those just as well.

    Furthermore more positions in today's society are customer service and skilled work. If you take a look at distribution in service jobs and gender stereotypes one could even argue that a woman has an advantage in customer relations.

    Certainly women are just as capable in intelligence as men otherwise their wouldn't be women doctors or lawyers. The only disadvantage women face in skilled labor is a societal gender bias in which the male is perceived as more skilled (even when he is inferior).

    Lastly I would argue that an intelligent and skilled female worker contributes far more to the workforce and society than a poorly educated man.

  • Why should they?

    Women are just men who landed on the other side of the gender fence, there's no rational reason why they should be subservient just because they have different chromosomes or because they look different. Also, a humans brain is bigger than a hippos, yet we are smarter, smaller brain doesn't mean less smart

  • Different but equal.

    It is well known that there are differences between men and women on a biological level, for example men are normally stronger than women. This doesn't mean they are not equal to men in society, women are just as able to to run a company as men just as they are just as able to be in government. The idea that women should be slaves to men is absurd. There is no reason that any person should be a slave to another.

  • Matriarchal societies exist, and can function as well as patriarchal societies do

    There is absolutely nothing abnormal or unnatural in female authority figures. This power hierarchy occurs plenty, and all over the world.

    On top of that, it's basic psychology that without a strong, competent mother, a person has a diminished chance to live a healthy and functional life. We cannot be without women, the same way we cannot be without men. And strong, stable women are arguably more crucial to the structure of a society.

    When women are taught to be subservient, they are taught to be just as braindead as women who are power-hungry monsters. (see irresponsible, self-absorbed, non-intellectual 'feminists'). These women are just a weak foundation, in either case, and make for a weak family/society as a consequence. Extremes are unacceptable. Submitting to a competent authority figure is fine, but subservience is and always has been for servants and slaves. I am a woman, an intellectual, an artist, and I am not a fucking servant or slave.

    Most of all: when women and men are of equal status, share vastly different (but equally important) responsibilities, and execute them competently, that makes for an exemplary team, home, family, and society. Women and men are each other's halves. They complete each other. End of story.

  • Segregation all over again!!

    If women were to be under the rule of men, the world would fall apart. What if one of those women were to find a cure for cancer? And they wouldn't be able to go and live a future. They would just be home 24/7 slaving away under some man's roof.

  • That is honestly stupid

    Everyone should be equal, regardless of who they are or where they came from. Why should someone of a different gender have less authority than a man? Sure, men might be physically stronger, but that doesn't mean stronger in brain power. The thought of women being slaves is just as awful of the thought of the whole earth exploding. More than half the population is composed of females, and half the population should not be slaves.

  • Ha that's stupid

    Everyone is equal. Simple as that. Why subservient to men? That's just a really stupid idea and I'm a guy but I don't want that to happen to a women. And you only say yes because you just want attention. Why would anyone even agree with that stupid idea? At all?

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Cat47 says2017-04-04T17:39:18.600
You definitely have something against women Toby