Women use their children as an excuse not to work.

Asked by: toby88
  • No excuse after they start kindergarten

    I understand when you have a new born baby but once your kid is in school there is absolutely no excuse. Cooking and cleaning is not a job it's a responsibility of everyone in the household including children. I applaud women who don't use the I'm a stay at home mom excuse. We do not live in the nine teen fifty's. Stay at home women o If the fifties had very little freedom and most didn't have cars. I don't see how the average house hold today can afford for the to live on one pay checkouts unrealistic to expect a man to pay for everything just so a woman doesn't have to work. The ss me is true with what at home dads.

  • This is crap

    Honestly, this argument is invalid because nowadays feminism is taking over this country. Women go on and on about how they are not treated fairly but it's a two way street. Women don't get drafted, don't have their privates mutilated at birth, and in case of a disaster they get to fucking leave while we (the men) get left behind. In case of a divorce, women get 50% of everything even if they're the reason for the divorce in the first place. If a women cheats, then people assume that the man drove her to that point, but if a man cheats then people write him off as an asshole. People assume that a dude's problems don't matter even though they could be depressed and suicidal. There are tons of double standards for men. Examples: We're assholes if we don't give women to much attention, but too pushy if we show them too much. If a man doesn't hold a door for a women then he's a jackass, but if he does then he's just trying to get in her pants. If a women is a stay-at-home mom then she's a responsible mother looking out for her kids, but if a dude is a stay-at-home dad then he's a lazy self-centered jackass only caring about himself and mooching off of his wife. These are only a few of dozens out there. Women using their children as an excuse not to work is right up there with the rest of feminist bullshit.

  • Women should be able to use their children as an excuse not to go to work.

    Women should be able to use their children as an excuse not to go to work. A woman's job of being a mother should come before any other job. A mother is responsible for raising and taking care of their child. A child cannot know how to take care of themselves at a young age.Many moms choose to be stay at home moms simply to help shape their child into a better person. Also sometimes staying home can help the family out financially. According to 6 things to understand about stay at home moms, “Stay-at-home moms are well-educated and have the potential to work outside the home, but would rather raise their children to help save on daycare costs. Day care costs have risen so high that the only way to afford it would be for both parents in a household to work, Pew reported.” (Shebner). Parents can also work from home while taking care of their children. This way they save money while making money. When a parent stays home with a kid it is not just an excuse for the parent, it can also help out the kid. According to 7 key findings about stay at home moms, “60% of Americans say children are better off when a parent stays home to focus on the family, while 35% say they are just as well off when both parents work outside the home”(Caumont). The Mother is not just sitting around doing nothing either. “Mothers who are not working for pay spend more time, on average, on childcare and housework than do working mothers, but they also have more time for leisure and sleep”(Caumont). Moms need to raise their children not the daycare provider. Mothers shape who their child is so it is important that they are around them. While it is also okay for a mother to go to work, staying home and working or just taking care of their child is far more important than any job they might have.

  • Staying at home and doing household chores is a type of working too

    In Southeast of Asia, a lot of mother stays at home to take care their children even after their child going to kindergarten. When they stay at home, there are so many small things needed to be done. For example cleaning, cooking, ironing, etc... Seems those things are simple to handle but it takes a lot of time to finish it. Hence, taking a job outside maybe create more money than working at home but don't take for granted those who staying at home.

  • Maybe the question should be, " would you prefer to work at a job outside the home or in"?

    Why is it that this topic always starts mothers fighting back that its a tough job to stay at home with the kids? No crap, we all know that. No one is arguing that. The point is that if mothers were asked directly which they would rather do with only a yes or no answer, with no room for getting anger at the question, I believe a large percentage would state at home with the kids.
    Its a better choice, not easier but, better.
    My kids are in school, I have freedom and control to play golf, hit the gym and still do the chores. I don't immediately complain that its hard. It's the more reasonable choice.
    You don't see mothers demanding that they get to go back to a full time job as soon as possible. You see them wanting to be at home.
    Therefore, Yes women do use children as an excuse but cannot appreciate their own decisions to be able take that road.

    Posted by: zoo
  • Every workplace I have ever been in.........

    Women will use their children as an excuse to be late coming in, early leaving work or late returning from lunch. Even if their children are 15 or 16, they will use them as an excuse to go home if they are sick. I have yet to work at a place that did not have women doing this. For those women that DO NOT have children, there is never an excuse to cut your hours, you are expected to always be on time and never leave early. Its a double standard. Stay home and take care of them if you can't maintain a job.

  • My mum uses it

    My mum has using me and my bro as an excuse not too work and says we are why she doesn't but we encourage her to work as we are independent and old enough too look after our self but she refuses and gets angry if we mention work and she does little housework 1 hour at most a day that includes cooking and spends the rest of the day watching t.V and reading non stop and pretty much ignores us all day as we are never in the same room even during dinner. No I don't hate her I just wish she would pull her weight it just feels she is taking advantage out of my dad which I hate as he does all the hard stuff at work and earning us money and he also does the gardening (which my mum doesn't do) and he cleans a lot during his days off and sometimes after work. P.S my dad is a banker, and i'm 16 my bro is 23

  • My mom had me when she was 12

    That broke ass ho used me as an excuse to not go to school for like 12 years. To write this I had to walk to the fucking library. That's 16 miles from my house. 16 bloody miles. I live in a 2 room shack with no heat because this ho had morning sickness.

  • Maternity Leave and excuses to leave work for kids

    Very good reason why women make less than men, they don't work and try to avoid work as much as possible. So I ask why did they even sign up and get to all the trouble to waste a company's time and money to an employee that just wants the kudos of getting a position and doing nothing for the company? Women in all respects are loyal to themselves, their brood and those that are close to them, their loyalty falters for the company, any time they can make up an excuse to leave work they will do it, they're not ambitious or care about the purpose of that work to begin with, they just bide time to stick around looking like they're working and any chance they get to leave it they leave it. Not all women are like this but a good number of them are like this getting the same pay that men and women that actually work.

    And if you're saying guys are like this too, sure there are guys like this but they're likely fired pretty quick while these lazy unproductive women still have their jobs due to the company fearing the laws set up by gynocentrism.

  • Bringing us back to the olden days

    Did any of you readers not know who the suffragettes were? They fought for rights over their children and the long lasting family of these Ladies live on! The stereotype of women being homemakers whilst men go out is ludicrous, there are many women who are twice as powerful as men these days. I'd like to see men do the jobs women do at home, what do you think they sit on their backside all day doing nothing? Well you're wrong because yes, a man may go out working all day and earn all the money but he will never have the bond a mother has with her child.

  • Raising children is work too

    I understand some people's critcism of STAHM's but being a mother is a full time job in itself. They have to raise and teach children, clean, and cook. If both parents have a full time job, the child will suffer for it. Mothers who are not working for pay spend more time, on average, on child care and housework than do working mothers, but they also have more time for leisure and sleep. Working mothers don't always have enough time to spend with their kids. It may seem unfair for the men whom also wants to stay home with the children, but I think a mom should at most work part-time if at all for the sake of her child.

    Posted by: Nawl
  • Not as an Excuse

    If a woman has children under the age of about 2, it is perfectly acceptable for her to skip work to take of those children. If a child is over 2, they are able to hire a babysitter. A woman should never use taking care of children as an excuse, but if she actually needs to take care of said child, it's fine. Medical problems do not count. If a child is really sick or has a medical issue, she should be able to take care the child.

  • Kids are a blessing and shouldn't be taken advantage of.

    When your kids is born its the happiest day of your life. You watch their little head and hands pop out and it makes you feel amazing that your finally a mother. Through their lifetime you watch them grow, they learn many things (talking, walking, running, singing, etc.) Your blessings should never be taken advantage of. No one should say "I can't go to work today because of my kids" when they don't have to take care of them because they are at school or camp. But if they are sick or the babysitter or nanny canceled and you need to watch your kids that would be a more expendable excuse

  • Motherhood is a full-time job and not an excuse - if you are referring to office work many of them work from home.

    And besides, it is okay to be a stay at home mom without an office job - don't judge them - we are all trying to grow and they have enough on their plate anyway.
    Full stop. Explanation mark. Look at the facts. (needed to add more words for this to submit)

  • Children are a full time job.

    People who say otherwise have not tried to run a household on their own before. Personally, I was raised almost completely by my mother as my father was away on deployment, or working. The amount of work that I saw her doing as I was growing up amazes me to this day, as she is most certainly one of the strongest women I know. If money is an issue, I understand why people would not have the option of having a STAHM, but personally, I think that it aids in the children's growth and development to have a parent always at home, all through their lives.

  • Stay at home moms rock.

    My wife loves doing it and I love that she loves doing it. I think the most comical part of this question is the notion of "using children as an excuse not to work." Children are more work than any unfortunate human should ever have to do, but luckily if all that work is put in, they are super rewarding too! :)

    I think the more appropriate assumption that is likely to be just as offensive would be to say "Women use work as an excuse to not raise their children." Have you ever seen the costs of day care alone? You pretty much need a full time job just to pay someone else to watch your kids all day. Have you ever said the phrase "stay at home mom's don't do any work" to a stay at home mom and walked away without getting punched in the face? Try it sometime.

  • No, especially with the vague wording.

    The implication here is that ALL women use their children. In which case, the answer is a resounding NO. If the statement was written to say generally speaking, I would still say no because even if a woman stays home with her children doesn't mean she doesn't work. It's also a very simplistic question that ignores a lot of other potential reasons a woman wouldn't work. By the way, according to the department of statistics (http://www.Dol.Gov/wb/factsheets/qf-laborforce-10.Htm) > 58% of women 16 and older have jobs. So, a majority of "working age" women work.

  • Children need their mothers to be avalible

    I enjoy having my mom ready to drop stuff off i forget, pick me up if I'm sick or anything else i might need! Kids need their moms to be available and ready at all times! Kids who's moms are there for them often succeed in school and in sports.

  • No, of course not!

    From a babies recognition to it's process of maturing the mother is the one doing the hard JOB carrying around the baby for 9 months. From the 9 months, the child and the mother bond a special relationship. The society can't judge a mother's decision spending more time with her child or not. IT'S INDIVIDUAL RIGHT MOTHER FUCKER!!!!

  • No, of course not!

    From a babies recognition to it's process of maturing the mother is the one doing the hard JOB carrying around the baby for 9 months. From the 9 months, the child and the mother bond a special relationship. The society can't judge a mother's decision spending more time with her child or not. IT'S INDIVIDUAL RIGHT MOTHER FUCKER!!!!

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