Wood-wide web: Should we be taking greater measures to reduce our environmental impact on networks of trees?

  • Yes, we should protect the environment.

    The environment is important to everyone, which means that everyone should try to help protect them. We need them for oxygen and food. Also we need to protect them for the animals that depend on the trees for protection and food. If we don't take protect many animals may not have a chance to survive in the future.

  • We need to be more conscious of our impact on the environment.

    It has been proven in recent history that human industrialization has caused issues such as global warming and environmental deterioration. One part of the cause has been said to be mass deforestation which reduced the amount of carbon dioxide consuming trees and foliage. There have been efforts in the past to increase awareness of this regarding rain forests, however it needs to be more recognized to create part of the solution to the long term damage reckless industrialization has caused.

  • Yes, we should reduce our environmental impact on trees.

    Yes, we should be taking greater measures to reduce our environmental impact on trees because we need trees to survive. As members of this planet, we must appreciate what we have around us. It is not our right to destroy entire ecosystems for profit. We are simply a part of the planet; the planet was not made for us alone.

  • Humans use far too much

    Humans have an ever-expanding need for MORE MORE MORE, and we're slowly killing off our planet so we can have bigger rooms or more expensive cars. We need a greater awareness of all of Earth's natural resources, not just wood. At the rate that we are burning through our resources, we won't even last until we get off the planet.

  • Yes, we should protect tree networks because our health depends on the health of our environment.

    Tree networks are a vital part of forest health and should be protected from development and destruction. Human life is tied to the ecosystems on this planet. In order to protect ourselves, we need to preserve the health of our trees, which give us oxygen, food, shelter, and medicine, and are necessary for the health of the human race.

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