Would a larger police presence in school improve safety?

  • Yes, a larger police presence would improve school safety.

    More quality police officers is always a good thing regardless of the reason. Schools would be much safer if there was more police officers at them. This would make people unlikely to come on campus with the intent to do harm. It would also make the students behave better for fear of being arrested.


    Having a police presence will scare children on the edge that they should do right. Cops are often stricter than teachers. This may prevent crime inside the school. Intruders may reconsider going into schools if there is a person designated to protect the children inside. Police are our allies in the war against crime, not our enemies.

  • Yes, more law enforcement would help.

    Additional police officers at a school site would bring more eyes and ears to the building and should lead to discouraging crime. Although they will not be able to control every aspect of student activity, the officers should be able to react quickly to stem what ever violence may occur.

  • Yes it would

    There are many reasons that a larger police presence in schools would improve safety. One reason is that with more police around less kids would be commiting crimes and other dangerous acts. Annother reason is that if there were more police around they would be better able to respond to emergancies and other threats to students and faculty. There is no reason to be agianst police in schools, they are responsible role model citizens who have devoted their lives to keeping tou and your children safe.

  • Breaking school rules

    Since the increase of police officers in schools has skyrocketed, there are more children being suspended and pushed into the juvenile system. With all that time out of school, they are more likely to be held back because of the lack of passing grades. The officers are unintentionally doing just the opposite of what they were aiming to do, instead of helping they are getting in the way.

  • Children are not criminals

    When you treat someone like a criminal they tend to act like one. Children need the love, support and care from adults, good supervision from teachers, clear rules and consequences for violating them and most will behave appropriately.

    Children need to be taught about the law not persecuted for breaking it.

  • No, a police presence would not improve safety.

    Kids are not convicts! Any children who are looking to cause havoc are already anti-authoritarian, do you think they are more likely to be intimidated by a cop than by the principal? Also, kids are not stupid. If they want to cause trouble, they will find a way to do it. A police presence at school will merely be another challenge to them. Those who wish to do so will only work harder to smuggle weapons into school, or they will find another venue to cause trouble. Why don't we save everyone the hassle by paying more attention to our children in the first place. Teach kids not to be violent and to respect others. Pay attention to kids and help them when they are troubled. Let these kids know there are other options than violence! Policing schools sends exactly the wrong message.

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