• Motley Crew is a classic

    Motley Crew is an absolute classic band that has a legacy that lives through the ages and will be remembered for a very long time. Recently a lot of bands on the Metal scene have been making a comeback including the big four. A Motley Crew concert would definitely interest thousands of fans.

  • No, I I am not familiar with Motley Crew.

    I would not be interested in attending a Motley Crew concert because I do not know who they are. With such limited free time, I would like to be familiar with artists, before investing precious time and money. Perhaps I would attend if proper advertising piqued my interest in Motley Crew.

  • No, I have never had an interest in watching a Motley Crew concert, so I'm unlikely to develop one.

    Motley Crew does not produce the type of music that I prefer to listen to and I have never been a fan of the band. For those who have been and still are fans of the band, I'm sure that one of their concert performances would still be of interest to them. Certainly a live performance beats out listening to studio recordings.

  • No, a Motley Crew concery doesn't appeal to me.

    No, a Motley Crew concert would not still interest me. As a millennial, I have little care or concern for bands such as the Motley Crew that are way before my time. I have never heard of them up to this point and will continue not to care much for them.

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