• Yes, there could be a chance!

    There could be an extremely keen immigrant who has great expectations for the U.S. I understand that there is an age prerequisite however that doesn't mean its right. Hitler who was Austrian born was a political genius (Yes he was unadulterated malevolence) yet he lifted Germany from its despondency and on the off chance that he would have played it more secure he could have succeeded.

  • No they wouldn't.

    Look, if they were such a good leader, why did they leave the country they were born in instead of making it better?

    If we look at manufacturing here in the U.S., we see many move to other countries to save on cost. This gives me an idea. With as expensive as our government is, maybe we should seek people from other countries to do the jobs cheaper. After all, if it's okay for a company to outsource jobs, whey not the country.

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