• Obviously it's a yes,

    Ben Shapiro is one of the few politicians who is not complete left or right. This allows him to have his own personal views and not spout off views from the 2 organizations (conservative and liberal or right and left ) Ben has a good opinion on abortion and marriage, though i believe his abortion opinion should be more like his marriage opinion. Plus he has never made any discriminatory comments and has his own organization to back him up which means he can represent his own views.

  • I would have to agree with this statement

    Ben Shapiro supports his ideas and arguments with facts and logic. He is also very level headed and is patient with people who use neither facts nor logic, but instead just think with their emotions and what society has brainwashed into them. Ben Shapiro also is well versed in many political topics.

  • He would make a good president.

    Ben Shapiro is one of the smartest men in politics with great ideas. He likes roasting SJWs and radical feminists with facts. He may not be politically correct but he is a polite man especially compared to Trump. He is a conservative man that doesn’t support Trump. He has considered running for president and may run in 2020.

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