• He's not Lincoln, but considering the options...

    I'm taking this question in the context of the 2016 election. Christie may not be perfect, but he'd be preferable to either Trump or Clinton. While he did have his bridge scandal, comparing it to what Clinton has done is like comparing an April Fools' day prank to Watergate, and he has a much more Presidential attitude and temperament than Trump who I worry might launch nuclear weapons at someone who disses his hair.

    Posted by: SM29
  • No, Christie lacks the support that he needs to be a good President.

    No, Christie showed that he could govern as the Governor of New Jersey, but it is clear that he cannot gather the support that he needs to be a good President. This is both because he doesn't appeal to the part of the Republican base that decides the Republic nominee and because the effort needed to do so would alienate the Democrats. Furthermore, other incidents such as Bridgegate has put his judgement in doubt.

  • No, Chris Christie would not make a good President

    Chris Christie has shown to be a hot tempered reactionary candidate during his political campaign as well as during his term as governor of New Jersey. We need a cool, clear thinking leader in the White House. Christie also has surrounded himself with a questionable staff . They created a scandal which he claimed he was not aware of, so it appears he is not a good communicator.

  • He is too inconsistent.

    I think that Chris Christie is too opinionated and too inconsistent to make a good President. He tends to flip flop back on forth on many issues. Some times he is conservative, and other times he is liberal. You just never know what you are going to get with him, and I don't trust him.

  • No, he would not make a good President.

    Chris Christie has no solid policies in place to combat the biggest problem facing the country, the income inequality and wage gap of average Americans as compared to the top 1 percent. He also has policies influenced by Christian belief. Religious belief should not dictate any public policy in the United States due to the separation of church and state.

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