• I think she would for sure

    Hillary Clinton has so much experience with politics, having been the first lady for 8 years, and having been the senator of New York and also working under the Obama administration, it is incredible. I think she could make a wonderful president, and hey we would finally have a female president. I also like her views on foreign policy.

  • Yes, a great one

    I think Hillary Clinton would make a great president as she has tons of leadership experience and has shown she can hold it together when life gets rough unlike a lot of our current candidates. When things were going bad with her marriage while her husband Bill was president, she remained strong and kept her family together. She is a strong, intelligent woman who would make a great president.

    Posted by: jus
  • More so than anyone!

    Hillary has already spent eight years in the White House as First Lady, been an accomplished US Senator and served as a distinguished Secretary of State, giving her more experience and broad-mindedness than any other probable candidate other than those who have already served as President of the US. I believe she has a wonderful rapport with many people in the US and abroad. She would be an outstanding President!

  • I think so

    She has had a lot of experience, first as a Senator, then as Secretary of State. In addition, being the wife of a former President would give her insight into the presidential decision-making process that very few people who haven't been President or otherwise very close to the President would have. I think she would make a very good President.

  • Political Savvy and experience Dwarf all other contenders

    Hillary has shown that she is capable of performing superbly under stress, and of making informed decisions based on her experience. She is perceived, rightly, as a peacemaker and an excellent mediator, when American interest are at stake either at home or abroad. She would have expertise from the best political minds, not excepting her husband, one of the best Presidents of my 73 years.

  • The Clinton Dynasty!

    I believe Hillary will lead this country back to the top even if it takes time. However, she does have experience both here and abroad to encounter the problems. She's smart unlike Republicans who don't ever deserve the Oval Office!!She probably has learned strategies from every position of the government.

  • Defanatly i think she should run

    I think she would be great because she is awesome and nice and cool and she would be the FIRST lady to ever be president and im doing a report on hillary clinton! :) she is really nice<3 i really really really like her and the work she has done

  • Yes to Hilary Clinton

    Yes, I personally do think that Ms. Hillary Clinton would make a good President of the United States. She has tons of experience especially since she was First Lady of the White House when her husband was president and she learned all there is to know about the oval office. She would be great in the White House.

  • Yes Hillary Clinton Would Make a Wonderful President

    Whether it's fighting for Women's Rights and Human Rights or providing Healthcare to every child in America, Hillary Clinton has proven that she has the leadership to get things done. She has been the most active Sec. Of State in our Nation's History and also the most active First Lady. She is the most powerful woman in American History. She is the one who made President Obama issue the order that killed Osama Bin Laden. President Bill Clinton also took the majority of his advice from Hillary and his terms as President were the most successful since FDR. I assume if Clinton becomes President, her administration would be similar to President Truman's. She would make an excellent President.

  • Hillary is smart, strong and experienced.

    No other candidate can match the wisdom and organizational capabilities of Hillary Clinton. She has proven herself superior in thought and intellect to any other candidate - Democrat or Republican. She has proven to be a strong person who can persevere in trying times. She will be America's best President.

  • Not even close

    I’m tired of the same people showing up as if they are entitled. What experience? The whole time she was senator she was running for president. Never even tried to run for governor which is a true test of a person’s ability to lead. Also she is much too old for such a demanding job.

  • Hillary Clinton makes no good president; No True Accomplishments.

    No she would not. Mrs. Clinton's life has been one of image and force. People keep listing that she has been around forever and was First Lady and a Senator. What has she done?! Our country is a mess in foreign policy right now and her biggest mission while First Lady, which everyone has listed as an accomplishment, was health care. You cannot possibly say our country has a good health care system right now.

  • Lies, scandals, betrayal.

    Mrs. Bill Clinton wants power. She will do anything to get it. She is unprincipled and dishonest. She became a multimillionaire by cheating, lying, bullying, demeaning, smearing (and worse) anything ~ anyone who gets in her way. We need people who honestly want to work for the Constitutional Republic which guarantees our rights and our freedom.

  • Hillary Clinton would be a devastating disaster as President

    Hillary is all for show. She is a liar and a thief, both of which are well documented. When she doesn't have an answer or she gets ruffled she starts yelling. Who does she think she is when she says "It doesn't matter what happened in Benghazi. It;s over. We have four dead Americans and we will get to the bottom of this." Does anyone have a response to that? No, because this Administration on Hillary's watch has done NOTHING!!!! Could anything be more heinous. How do you think we will get smart dedicated people willing to take these tough jobs if they have no confidence they will be protected? Is this who you want to be in charge?

  • A Life time of....

    Obstruction of Justice. As a lawyer on the House judiciary Committee team in Watergate she stole DOJ documents that set the precedent that Nixon could have legal representation. Had Nixon not resigned, she would have been disbarred and prosecuted. Then while bilking senior citizens out of their life saving as part of the Rose Law firm she hid her billing records which appeared in the living quarters of the White House. All other Rose Law Firm partners went to prison. Oh, BTW she' s also drunk. ALL THE TIME!

  • Whitewater, Benghazi, Filegate

    The woman has become a known figure in the world and an extremely wealthy figure - all on the coattails of Bill. If it wasn't for Bill, no one would have a clue who she is....And she'd probably be in prison after figuring out a way to steal old people's life savings. As a senator, she promised to bring 200,000 new jobs to NY in her first term. Instead, she spent all her time schmoozing in D.C. While NY shed thousands of jobs for a net loss of over 20,000. She now has a huge pension from being a Senator in a state she did nothing for. She has a federal pension from being a Sec. Of State for which her signature accomplishment was handing a red reset button to Russia in which the word on the button was offensive because she didn't check the translation. Meanwhile, she loses her temper when questioned about why she did nothing to protect Ambassador Stevens as though his life meant nothing to her ("what difference does it make"). She is divisive and would not bring this country back together as it needs to be.

  • Almighty God, protect us...

    Would Hillary Clinton make a good president? No. If she became president? May God protect us. She has the charisma of a serial killer and her skills at diplomacy rank up there with those of a drunken lemur. She has an agenda but doesn't know how to implement many of the policies, and she seems to have problems with accepting responsibility for things. Whether you are a Democrat or a Republican, she is a bad, bad choice.

  • I don't think so because I don't see what her agendas are for what she'd do if she was president.

    I feel very concerned about the overwhelming praise liberals have for Hillary Clinton as president because they based their praise off her credentials as a first lady, and senator, and a secy. of state, but not on economic policy, which in my opinion outweighs them all. Liberals and Conservatives need to rearrange their sense of praise to only an achieved individual who directly made your life better, not just made promises. She's a liberal politician in a liberal country and polls show the country is becoming more liberal, but it's also more divided, so no one's better in this picture because know one knows what to do. So I would not vote for Hilary Clinton or think she would be fit to be president because her credentials and her views on domestic policy are not enough to convince me that it'll exceed the country's expectations for economic growth, because she's a supporter of government intervention in full-faith and preserving our entitlement programs. So I won't support or agree with her policies till I see them.

  • No way!

    If she really took responsibility for what happened in Benghazi she should have submitted her resignation. Just because youre a former First Lady doesn't mean you'll make a good President. Neither does being a senator or a woman. Please explain what she has specifically accomplished in these roles to make her a good president?

  • One of the worst things that could happen.

    She is going to be just like Barrack Obama. She is going to destroy this nation and try to ban guns and ammo. We need to build this nation together and fix the things that need to be fixed. We need a president that actually supports our country. We need a president to help the citizens of the United States of America. We need a president to stop making the people of the U.S. live in poverty. This is my opinion, and no one shall correct me in any way. So do not reply to this.

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