Would it be beneficial to switch to a resource based economy?

  • Access abundance for all! No coercion!

    The main concern is not forcing the process in any way; the means never justify the ends and it would do no good to attempt to force others into a way of life they don't understand. Awareness must be continually spread, not just about RBE and the associated train of thought, but also about the state of our sci & tech as well as cutting-edge ongoing developments. The goal is to erode the programming which is so heavily reinforced that we can only exist in a condition of scarcity and though reciprocal exchange of goods.
    It's a heavy burden but we all must be wiling to be living examples of that train of thought. To demonstrate the merits of RBE through your lifestyle in a monetary system inevitably means that others will try and take advantage of your hard work and generosity. Let them. They may over time recognize the logic the ideas the you present but they will still lapse. Don't judge them. Ultimately the only person you have any kind of direct control of is yourself. Don't impose the way, show the way.
    One day we'll all be ready for an RBE. For now we keeping working to get others ready

  • We need Progress

    If we don't advance, we will stagnate. Capitalism, in any form, is self limiting and eventually will need to be replaced. The consequences for not doing so are too high. A scientific approach will allow for actual problem elimination and true stability. Peace and prosperity will be attainable for all.

  • Technological unemployment, divisive hierarchal structures, scarcity driven economic systems, debt based money systems result in poverty, territorial disputes and ultimately war.

    A Resource Based Economic model proposes an end to the Monetary System and of course we don't need money. If we needed money to get things done we'd have become extinct long before the first civilisation. The monetary system corrupts our behaviour and generates a fatal value system disorder. It is out-dated and can only function if there is scarcity, which is the reason we pay farmers not to grow food when children are starving around the world. Abundance is the key, If we can produce in abundance, which we can easily, then money would no longer required. We need to evolve.

  • Eliminate greed & corruption

    Decisions would be made scientifically based on available resources. No more short term profits for the rich at the expense of the rest of the society. Long term views and planning that would conserve our natural resources for future generations and protect out environment. Big corporations would not be allowed to rape our land and poison us. This would benefit all of mankind.

  • With Great Power comes Great Responsibility.

    We have the technology. We are at a time in history that will change everything. We are becoming open source, collaborative, and we communicating world wide. We have to fight through the greed and join together for a world worth having. Race, sex, and money will no longer matter. Together we can feed, cloth, and house the entire world. Just look at whats really going on in the world! It is our responsibility to be the change we want to see!


  • The crazy people are running the asylum

    Yes. I believe it would be beneficial to switch to a resource-based economy.

    Today's article (http://apnews.Myway.Com/article/20130910/DA8NN7U02.Html) is just another day's news to show that the current fiat money system hasn't worked, isn't working, and cannot be fixed.

    Thinking about this just in terms of money is also just looking at one facet of a multifaceted problem. The current system facilitates wage slavery, poverty, social health issues, gross inequality, a grossly uneven playing field, a severe diminishment of humanity's fuller potential, letting the inmates run the asylum, further degradation of social institutions, including but certainly not limited to the sham that masquerades as the *justice* institutions certainly in the west and more than likely elsewhere.

  • We Need No Money!

    Many of the people that have voted NO on this issue do not understand the very notion of a Resource Based Economy. This would obviously have to be a gradual change, (unless a comet came crashing down), and taught in schools from the very beginning. Not using money is the MAIN reason that people can not fathom this change, and are afraid of themselves being at the same level as everyone else. We have been taught from a very young age that more is better, and success means more money. I feel that we have the technology, and all of us have a talent to help out. The American Indians had this system for many years until it was squashed by the invading British. Let's just think about that, and how the use of money has taken away much of our social common sense, and compassion for our fellow humans.

  • Money is a inefficient way to keep the Earth sustainable and peaceful

    Monetary system:

    - Supports one species at the expense of others.
    - The competitiveness and individualism prevails
    in hierarchies and subjugation.
    - Tendency to continuous crises increasingly followed
    in human history

    In conclusion, if we wish a better place to live for the next generations this system will increase our negative behaviours and destroy our environment

  • Money is an obstacle to our development

    Right now, I believe, there are enough resources, ideas and obvious benefits to enable a resource based economy. Money is no longer a useful tool. Disengaging from its use, will enable re focusing of resources, first on helping each other, everywhere. When we work together the results can be astounding and the reward of contributing of great value. All basic needs could be met for all, if we could just get that in place first that would be helpful. Creativity and co-operation would thrive. We need to clean up a lot of mess; Fukashima, depleted uranium, etc Then, for all, a resource based economy, sustainable energy and planet, constant technological development and new values evolving as a global society, the sky will not be the limit. Money is holding us into an unhelpful social arrangement. Time to move on, before we totally, irreversibly wreck the place. I just visualised the current economic leaders of the world having their heads banged together by their mothers - stop playing that nasty money game, clean up this mess and play together nicely! Lol. BTW I said 'will enable' at the top because I think the end of money is inevitable - its all based on illusions. It worked for a while but look how it is affecting us now - withholding food and medicine to those that need it is one bottom line. That is not sustainable. A planned, graceful and positive transition would be nice, you know, before ... Ah well, is it too late to notice we're all standing on the same rock?

  • Money Is Debt.

    Money has had it's day. It's no longer of any use to us, it holds us back. Scientific leaps forward in all areas of life mean that the whole world could have everything they need and more. There are enough of the necessities of life on the planet without having to put a price tag on it anymore. All money does now is keep us from having the best for everyone. For example we can't all have solar panels because they're expensive so we are forced to accept fossil fuel electricity. The same goes for cars. Many people would prefer electric but have to stick with petrol due to the high cost of electric car batteries. Money causes corruption, stress, the large pecentage of all crime, poor health among those who don't have enough. A resource based economy is the only way for ward if mankind wants to survive.

  • While a resource-based economy would have its benefits, it would also create many problems that could harm the overall economy.

    Given the current problems of debt and inflation, it is tempting to switch to a resource-based economy. While this would solve some problems, it would also create many new ones. In today's complex economy, it is sometimes necessary for governments to "create money" by printing more of it, especially in times of emergency. A resource economy would remove this ability and, thus, could create enormous difficulties.

    Posted by: EminentBennett93
  • Our country works well with the economy we have.

    The economy we have now is consumer based. We can and will make this work once we get out of the pointless wars that we are in. The reason our country is in the mess that it is in right now is because our government got us into wars that we can not afford.

    Posted by: 5c0tJung
  • Using a resource based economy would limit the things available to people.

    Using a resource based economy means people would have to go without the things that they have become accustomed to. Without money, people wouldn't be able to afford to fix their homes or cars. Not everyone would have land available to grow food for or raise livestock to feed their families. A resource based economy would wipe out all current modes of transportation as we would have no way of repairing vehicles if something were to go wrong. We, as Americans, do not have the space or resources to rely on a resource based economy. Everything is so technological these days that nothing is set up for a resource based economy.

    Posted by: UncoveredGaylord73
  • Get rid of money and the psychopaths that use it to bully.

    If we are to rely on a resource based economy it will be ruled by the powerful psychopaths that know how to take more for their selves. It will be no better than if we had money. We need to get rid of money and the people that like to make reckless choices that endanger and deprive others of resources they don't know how to control. Might does not make right.

  • There are too many variables and assumptions involved to answer this properly.

    The science proposed has far more assumptions built in to it, both in human nature and in conclusions that are proposed it results in. Furthermore, the notion that science or democracy can or should determine what humanity needs is a gross error. The people in power would have a frightening amount of power, power that would surely be abused from the inception.

  • Flawed idea is flawed

    The idea behind resourse based economics is built on flawed logic about the apparent evils of money without stopping to consider why monetary systems are so widespread, and were even in nominally communist countries.

    One cannot simply just remove money from the equation - it serves so many useful purposes in our society that even without a central currency existing, people would still operate in a way that we can recognise today as being monetary in nature.

  • Would just lead to more wars & competition over resources

    What do you think wars are fought over? Human rights? Good will? Hell no, it's about resources & power. Focuses on resources purely would just support more aggressive actions, not only towards other countries but towards the environment. I don't know how any sane person wants that. I don't think it would lead to peace or true stability as others have mentioned but instead very aggressive and overt competition.

  • It's simple, not.

    The system is and no matter what, it won't ever change. Money rules all, and those very few at the peak of the pyramid, whether the rest of the pyramid likes it, own it. It would take complete civil war on a global scale to change the system. That won't happen. I doubt it would happen at least. So although the "yes" arguments are ideal, the existing ideal won't ever be changed. The powerful elite rich own it, and they will NOT give it up.

  • A system which goes against human nature

    For a resource based economy to work we would have to dissolve national boundaries. The world would have to become one nation. This would be an impossible task that could only be achieved through force as their would always be at least one country that would not want to dissolve it's borders.

    In a highly technically advanced world without money people would still need to do some jobs to design new machines, manage repairs, plan farms. However, they would be expected to do this for no personal gain monetary or status reward, this would invariably result in slow or non existent repairs, work boredom/dissatisfaction and so planning leading to a dysfunctional system.

  • Money is not the problem......

    Just as people (not guns) kill people, people (not money) create all our problems. There are too many flaws in the resource-based economy and assumptions that will never come to fruition.
    While it is a very attractive to believe that an plan like a resource based economy will solve our ills I don't believe it is so.

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