Would juvenile delinquency decrease if parents parented their children?

Asked by: Fanny
  • Too many parents don't enforce rules...

    Juvenile delinquency seems to be increasing because parents simply don’t care as much as they used to. Parents don’t discipline their children enough, they don’t set enough boundaries for their children at a young age, and parents are making too many excuses on why they don’t have to “parent” their own kids or be held responsible for their kids wrongdoings. Parents need to realize their children will make mistakes and understand what those mistakes are. This will help them grow and learn, as a result.

  • Yes, juvenile delinquency might decrease with more active parenting.

    It's impossible to say if juvenile delinquency could be done away with altogether with more active parenting. If children spend a lot of time watching television, and if parents use the television as a "babysitter," and if children spend too much time with social media and technology and not developing social behaviors, then it's possible that this could lead to juvenile delinquency. That being said, every child is different, and it's probable that some are more prone to being juvenile delinquents than others.

  • Parents parenting would decrease delinquency

    Juvenile delinquency would decrease if parents actually parented their children. This is because of the fact that children with a lack of proper parental involvement and children with proper parental involvement have been studied. Children who have had a good amount of wholesome parental involvement have been shown to be far less prone to juvenile delinquency.

  • I believe that juvenile delinquency would decrease if parents parented their children correctly.

    I believe that juvenile delinquency
    would decrease if parents parented their children correctly. The lack of fathers in the home is a major
    factor in the increase of juvenile delinquency in the last few decades. Children are born knowing nothing. They must be taught everything by parents who
    have experience.

  • Better Parenting Means Reduced Delinquency

    If parents were better at parenting their children, then juvenile delinquency rates would drop significantly. Too many parents give their children a video game console or computer and let them do as they please. Absentee parents are the single worst thing for a child's development, and such parenting will lead to major problems.

  • Yes, juvenile delinquency would decrease if parents parented their children.

    Yes, juvenile delinquency would absolutely decrease if parents parented their children. The reason that most juveniles are delinquent is because of bad parenting. Parents don't teach their kids to have respect for others and to have integrity. Parents also spoil their children and try to be their friends and then when they face authority figures in the outside world the children don't respect them and act out with bad behavior.

  • Juvenile Delinquincy Would Decline With Parental Involvement

    Yes, juvenile delinquincy rates would likely decreace if more parents were to take an active interest in their child's day to day life. Parents are the number one influence on a child's behavior, so a parent becoming more involve with a child in a positive manner would see to it that the child would remain out of delinquent trouble.

  • Children need guidence

    When I was growing up, my mom would drop me off at school every day to make sure I got to school. There wasn't any place in our house for delinquency. When you have children, you need to be actively involved in making sure they're doing the right thing. Going to school is one of the many right things children should be doing.

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GiantSpoonMan says2013-09-18T17:06:16.917
I'm pretty sure parents already parent their children.