Would Legal Prostitution Decrease Sexually Transmitted Diseases?

  • Prostitutes are typically the most sexually active

    It comes to common sense that the most sexually active members of society would contract the most STDs. They can safeguard this if they were given more protection and medical attention. Through law enforcement clients would be forced to wear a condom, all prostitutes and clients would be checked for STDs. In the advent of illegal prostitution, clients would likely contract STDs from prostitutes due to not being enforced to wear a condom and spread it amongst the other members of society.

  • Believe it or not...

    The thing with legalizing prostitution is that it would come with a whole lot of other benefits for prostitutes and johns alike - the regulation that prevents prostitutes from unsafe play, mandatory health and STD checkups, drug prevention, etc. Between consenting adults, stupid decisions will always be made, but in a real, regulated corporate industry? It would be the safest in the world.

  • Legalizing prostitution wil provide regulations

    Yes, legalizing prostitution may decrease some instances of sexually transmitted diseases. It would motivate the women and men who are employed as prostitutes to be checked regularly without being subject to legal actions when their profession is indicated. It would also take some of the shame in coming forth if their is a problem. Regulations can be produced that require heath screens and so on and so forth.

  • Would solve much

    Legalizing prostitution would solve many of the problems associated with the profession, assuming that it was implemented efficiently. The analogous case in this situation is the porn industry - specifically in the US. In the US, the porn industry has very few serious STD scares (though high profile), compared to the huge number of videos (and sex acts) they make.

  • Yes more regulated

    Legal prostitution would decrease sexually transmitted diseases rapidly because it would be safer and have more safety regulations. Currently, no one provides any STD testing before prostitution occurs making sexually transmitted diseases occur at a rapid rate. It is dangerous and I think government should watch prostitution more regularly to make sure STDS dont spread.

  • No. I do not believe legal prostitution would decrease sexually transmitted Diseases.

    No. I do not believe legal prostitution would decrease sexually transmitted Diseases, because that wouldn't change anything. People would still have unprotected sex. The only way to stop sexually transmitted diseases is practice safe sex. Legal prostitution would only increase the relevance of sexually transmitted diseases. Safe sex is they only way.

  • It could lead to more

    I think Prostitution is perhaps the number one reason why Sexually Transmitted Diseases spread in the first place. That being said, the legalization of prostitution could actually lead to even more spreading of such horrific diseases. If someone knows they can legally do it, with no criminal consequences, it could lead to trouble.

  • No, legal prostitution would not decrease STD's

    I don't think if prostitution was legal that the spread of sexually transmitted disease would decrease. I believe that in order to stop the spread of STD's that a different form of protection other than condoms would have to be implemented. People are going to have unprotected sex all the the time, legalization of prostitution would not decrease the spread of STD's.

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