• I'm looking and I just can't find it in the Constitution

    I just can't find anything what so ever in the Constitution, that gives any branches of the government the authority to prohibit or regulate what to put in our body. It's audasciously arrogant of the government to think it can make vice laws and legislate personal choices, and to pass drug prohibition laws. I don't take a pro drug stance, I just think the people to have the right of choice, rather than it being imposed on us by the government. Crazy idea right? Yeah I know

  • Prison State.

    The United States of America impressions more of its citizens than any other country. Most of these are non violent criminals. This stems from the failed war on drugs and mandatory minimum sentences. Cannabis is legal it will reduce the number of citizens in the correctional machine. This will save millions. This will also keep money locally and generate revenue from the taxing of cannabis. The drug cartels will have one less drug on the streets. This will reduce crime and illegal boarder crossing. The boarders will be a tad but more secure with less traffic. The plant will also bring new industry, hemp is a versatile product. Oils for biofuel, fiber for textiles, cosmetics, rope, etc... The plant is also less a very resilient plant and grows all over the world (hence the term weed). This will creat jobs and economic growth. The fact cannabis is still illegal in 48 states is ridiculous. The fear campaign in the early 1930s-1940s was based on no facts. It was horribly racist against Hispanics and Blacks. Cigarettes, alcohol, and fast food kill hundreds of thousands a year. Cannabis is not directly linked to a death due to overdose or cancer (not to say there aren't a few Darwin awards out there) I don't need the Federal Government to tell me what's good and bad. Also drugs run rapid in our city's anyway. Why not let some people smoke a flower?

  • Yes... And no

    Yes legalizing MJ will benefit the economy because the good old U.S. We have things called son taxes that are places on luxury items such as tabbacco, alcohol, and if legalized, marijuana. Sin taxes bring in a projected 20.1 billion dollars in taxs a year, and if marijuana was includes the U.S. Would be in good terms; however our health and the demand to live here, if our air turns as black as the TAR in it, will decrease derasticly. Answering the question though: yes it would help the economy, because our health and demand to live here is a domestic problem, not and economic problem

  • Yes. Tax and regulate.

    Society would not only be safer with regulated marijuana, but it would benefit from increased revenue. There would be a whole host of products that could be taxed, and new businesses would open up. It is bringing a shadow economy out into the open and making it into something more legitimate.

  • Yes.

    With so many Americans using marijuana either medically or for recreational purposes, it makes sense to regulate and tax sales just the same as alcohol. Dispensaries in medical states are already working very closely with law enforcement to make sure everything's on the "up and up", it wouldn't be too difficult to come up with some numbers and present a fair tax to the voters.

  • Sadly.

    Legalizing marijuana would help the economy a lot. While I do not support drug use, I know that if marijuana was taxed it would bring in a lot of money, simply due to the fact that the drug is very popular. Despite that, we can find other ways to save the economy.

  • Health reasons are no excuse for marijuana to be illegal.

    . No one has ever died of a marijuana overdose; however 39,329 people die from other drug overdoses in one year alone, sixty percent of those were related to prescription drugs which are legal. 25,692 people died from alcohol related causes in one year, once again something that is legal. Even just smoking cigarettes causes a greater risk than marijuana and that’s something that is available legally to eighteen year olds! You are much more likely to get hooked on cigarettes and alcohol than marijuana. It’s been scientifically proven that marijuana is not even a gateway drug. So honestly if nothing else it seems hypocritical to make some things legal and others with the same amount of risks if not less illegal.

  • There are many great benefits from it

    Not only does marijuana help us economically it helps us health wise to. Marijuana is known to help with many things for example: patients in chemo, seizures, treat inflammatory bowel diseases, and protects the brain from concussions and trauma. Marijuana would benefit the economy a lot. For example: government would save about $13.7 billion on prohibition and enforcement costs and tax revenue by legalizing it. It would save $1 billion anually for prisons who have inmates incarcerated with any marijuana related charges

  • Could provide millions in healthcare

    Many think that marijuana could help our economy and be put in pharmacies to help with patients is complete bullsh*t. When in reality it actually can help us. Arthritis, anxiety, insomnia, eating disorders, and can even slow and possibly even stop the growth of cancer cells in certain cases. That wasn't even half of all the conditions it can help with. Another honest mistake people have is the only reason people are trying to legalize it is just to smoke it. No. There's a new world of ways to ingest it. Smoking just so happens to be the most common

  • Yes it will

    Marijuana helps out with a lot of things that people dont see. It can cure some things and help with pain. Not only can it help you its fun. Some religions even say smoking weed. Hemp and medical are only a couple more reasons why its good for the environment.

  • No on MJ

    The economy would actually falter if the United States or an individual state would legalize it. Many people believe that it does because there could be a tax system developed that would pump money into the marketing cycle. The problem is that Marijuana is a drug. It would have to be limited and controlled. Since, this is the case, the City would have to build structures to fence marijuana users in. Most of us would have a problem with people trolling around blowing MJ in the air outside our favorite reastaraunt. Also, issues such as marijuana being laced with another illegal drug. In which we now have another problem on our hands. Do police officers now have an discriminatory right to check all MJ cigs? How do we control distribution? Do we need to hire more police officers? Build more jails? What will the laws look like pertaining to MJ? I just see this being a Pandora's box if it is allowed to be legalized, costing the city/government more money than the revenue being brought in on tax purposes, which puts more strain on the economy than actually being a help

  • Scraping the bottom of the profit barrel

    The low foresight of potential problems that will result from legalization far exceed the current problems of illegal marijuana. Focusing on decriminalization therefore, amount to economic cannibalization forcing a host of destructive forces upon society for the profits now for a few.

    Just because you can, doesn't mean you should.

    This is lazy-fare economics at its worst!

  • Marijuana legalized effects our safety

    Many say that marijuana should be legalized because it can be used as medicine, but there are already many medicines made from marijuana that are legalized thus giving us no reason to need to legalize marijuana except that there is a slight chance that it could boost the economy. But this pro can not outstand the many cons of marijuana legalization, such as; death rates increasing because of careless drivers who are high on marijuana and are on the roads. I would think that the risk of death would be reason enough.

  • Not a dollar or a cent.

    Think about it. How are they going to be selling weed in a store. Well there going to have a huge system. Where is the weed growing? Farmers or labs have to have a lot of acres to just produce in some areas in California or any other state. The weed has to be checked and in a bag marked with some type of agreement or trademark. Some buisness won't accept so they are going to have to spent billons of money to create factories and buiseness don't forget the workers and truck transportation. Soon they hope to make profit out of it. They are many adults that don't want their children smoking "pot " and buisness owners so don't mind going on a strike against them. Would people who don't smoke want to smell weed while driving by or while exiting a restruant. Children can't be at a park anymore if there is nearby potheads. Legalizing marijuana would create a disaster and a angry mob. Just think about both sides it's best if we keep it illegal but people can still get them from the streets and smoke it. You guys are the pot"dumb"heads get it from the streets and do it to yourself don't mess the life of others. You chose to smoke weed. Not everyone in the US chose to, so don't let it affect anybody but yourself. Keep marijuana illegal it won't help anybody but potheads. This is C'dawgKiLLer Im out. Peace.

  • It cannot be taxed and it will become too cheep and easy to gain access of.

    Marijuana is home grown. This is the biggest thing. Anyone from the experienced with big batches to the amateur with a pot or two (pardon the pun). This means that firstly, prices will drop instantly. This is even without companies trying to market the product. With the ability for anyone to grow it legally the supply would be huge! This means its cheap and falling out of peoples pockets, any kid with a spare dollar or two would be able to buy it now without a job, which stops most younger people from having access to it.
    Secondly, how would, for example, city life operate? Imagine having everyone stoned in a busy city center or underground? They might as well be partially drunk.
    Thirdly, tax. It cannot be taxed if people can grow it in their back rooms. You can't tax someone for mowing their neighbors lawn, or doing a lemonade stand. If its cash to hand, there will be no taxes and that could ruin the economy.

  • The positives come with a lot of hidden negatives

    Yes perhaps we would make some money from the taxes but no where near the amount of money needed to balance out the increased health care costs that would come from negative health effects of marijuana. Also the money made from taxes would decline after the initial 'wow' of legal weed dies out. The weed would be regulated which means a much lower dose of THC. This would cause consumers to return to the black market because there would be a much better high from non-regulated marijuana.
    There would not be more jobs as the farming industry is already heavily mechanized and no it would not be a brand new industry; It would simply be merged into the tobacco industry.

  • Maybe, but not enough to make a dent.

    People are crazy if they think that one new item on the market with a tax would be enough to "help" the economy. As many pot smokers as there are, there is still no way it could prove beneficial. And I hate when people say that it would keep people out of jail and save the system money. No one does significant time for weed. Nobody, unless you are carrying a very large amount with intent to sell. Even with that, the number of people in prison or jail for weed is so small it isn't a cost that needs to go. The people who use this argument in real political setting are only trying to convince the economically concerned politicians for it legalization, but not because they are truly economically concerned. They use it just because they want to smoke it legally.

  • We waste more than we make

    Because the money we make we would just end up spending for the ones under the influence that do something stupid so in the end we would just make no money. And it would be a waste of time and money. People would just use the drug for no reason.

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