Would men be able to handle childbirth better than women?

Asked by: SegBeg
  • Men are (evolutionarily) the 'protecters for women'

    Men, in evolutionary terms, have always been the (naturally) stronger sex. Fighting and hunting for food to feed and protect their women and children of the villages/packs/group.
    Women are evolving to reach the standard of men.

    Transgender women (MTF) who give birth using a donor womb, handle child birth just as well as biological women, therefore, i believe that biological men (if it was at all, in any way possible) would be able to handle childbirth and pregnancy.

  • They are stronger than us.

    Although it is debate decides on your economic opinion I think yes. Men are lot stronger than us, and have the muscles and energy to give birth. Although you have some very strong women they will always be delicate on the inside whereas inside men they can handle the pain. In a scientific matter men do not have eggs produced but sperm and they do not have periods. But in ethological matter men would be better at handling pregnancy than women.

  • There's a reason why they cannot give birth.

    And that is because they would not be able to handle the complications of pregnancy the long hours and possibly days of painful and almost constant contractions. Not all women handle pain well. Some are able to go through labor without letting out a sound. Other scream their heads off, but in the end they have no choice to stop it. If men could handle childbirth better then they would be the ones giving birth- not women!

  • No, there is a reason it is the way it is!

    I will repeat: No, there is a reason it is the way it is! Only women give birth, and God wanted it like that. If God said "okay, the men can have babies too!", then it would be that way. But it isn't so the other side is wrong. Got it?

  • Their hole is smaller

    I assume that when giving birth hypothetically, they would do so through the organ that is basically the equivalent of the one women give birth through. And if so, it would be completely destroyed because the baby wouldn't fit through. It would be the worst of agonies and they would die.

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