• Yes, they would

    Commercials are brilliant for convincing potential customers to buy their product, but unfortunately, they are just the bane of more people's lives. They are inconvenient, and often get in the way of what the potential consumer is trying to watch or view. The advertising doesn't just ruin current television, often you cannot read an article online without having to click through a number of adverts or watch a mandatory video before continuing to your article, usually with pop-up's and banners running alongside.

  • Yes, I believe that more commercials would discourage viewers from watching live TV.

    Yes, I believe that more commercials would discourage viewers from watching live TV because more time would be spent watching commercials than television shows. In addition, the proliferation of Netflix, Hulu, HBO and other online streaming services allows people to watch their favorite shows without being subject to viewing countless commercials.

  • So many different outlets.

    In this day and age people very rarely watch commercials. When it comes to live television it does not matter because people will still tune into the program no matter how many commercials. An event like the Super Bowl attracts some viewers just because of the commercials. As long as the commercials are interactive and engaging, people will enjoy them and not hate them as much.

  • More commercials would not deter television viewing

    Inserting more commercial breaks will not cause a decrease in television viewing for live events. The Super Bowl remains the most watched television event annually, despite the large number of commercial breaks. In fact, the commercials have become part of the experience. If people want to watch the program, commercials will not deter viewers.

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