• It tottally would!

    Of course that stricter gun control could help stop school shootings. It is just obvious that something is really wrong in a society where kids have easy access to guns and other kinds of weapons. I think that gun trading and handling should be prohibited for civilians. This would make us feel more safe.

  • Most likely would reduce the Risk:

    Even Obama is looking towards the Australian model where gun laws have been introduced that have reduced the incidence of shootings and there are no school ground shootings in Australia, so such incidences are extremely rare indeed, unlike the USA. Australia had a government gun buy back initially and now it has annual amnesties where thousands of weapons (guns and knives) are turned over every year, and recycled as iron.
    It is definitely the way to go for a society with less shootings as statistics have demonstrated that most of the houses that have guns will suffer from their own weapons, accidental shootings, rage homicides, burglars finding the guns first and suicides.
    A family is far safer without a gun in the house.
    Knives do less damage and are wounds are easier to repair.
    They are also easier to block and take away from an attacker,

  • Prevent the guns from getting into the wrong hands

    Many pro-gun Americans will argue that it isn't the guns that kill people, it is the people, and that restricting them from owning guns is against their rights. Regardless of what they believe, making guns harder to get will keep them away from those who are in the mind to use them in the wrong way. While it is only part of the solution, and providing greater mental health care to those in need of it would go a long way, in the mean time keeping guns restricted can only be a good thing.

  • It probably would stop shootings.

    Important to read that it probably would stop shootings. This does not mean the killings will stop all it means is the looney tunes would then just bring a knife or a bomb or lock the doors and burn down the schools. Gun control is not the solution getting crazy people the psychological help they need is the solution to the problem.

  • Something is better than nothing.

    We have a far higher mortality rate than any other industrial nation. And we have some of the most lenient gun control legislation. It doesn't take an Einstein to figure out that there might be a correlation there. Guns don't do all the killing, but they sure help in the process. ANY effort to restrict the selling of highly lethal weaponry would be better than barely any restrictions, and would probably restrict the usage of highly lethal weapons by criminals and individuals with mental disorders.

    The "Constitution" should NOT be a defense for this argument. In the minds of the people who wrote the Bill of Rights (a small fraction of the so-called "founding fathers"; the Federalists, who included Washington and John Adams, opposed the measure to introduce a Bill of Rights, in that, in their view, it would restrict the people's rights to the ones only printed on the document) , the only gun a person could get their hands on was a flintlock musket, and most people, being farmers, needed those guns for survival, in order to hunt. Today, it is possible for someone to walk into a gun show and buy a highly lethal, military-operated assault rifle with barely any kind of background check or licensing required. I don't think Madison had any conception of semi-automatic rifles, and their destructive power, in 1789.

  • It's better than nothing

    Let's be real.. You are right when you say that guns can be obtained either way, and a delinquent would obviously ignore these rules, BUT it would make it harder for their supplier, at least, to obtain such guns. We must must must put an end to this bs. Innocent people are losing their lives over some idiot's psychotic decisions. As for those who are bullied, I sympathize with you there, but taking someone else's life is much m ore extreme. If you are being bullied, GET HELP. Don't allow punks to take over your life just because they think they have the right. I understand one would be hurting or upset because he/she is being bullied, but killing is not the answer. It is worse than being bullied. I too was bullied, but does that give me the right to go back and kill those you hurt me? Absolutely not. It's just not humane.

  • First off sandy hook was fake.

    Most of these shootings are completely fake or real but controlled and set up, with an acceptation of columbine and a couple others. Let's take columbine for example because that shooting was not a hoax. The two killers Eric and Dylan were bullied a lot by people including some of their victims. If those people wouldn't have bullied the killers simply for being different than maybe Eric and Dylan wouldn't have shot up the school. If someone is wiling to kill innocent people (or not innocent) than they're wiling to buy an illegal gun, in an illegal way. They obviously don't care about the law because they've broken the law of killing people and they obviously don't care about morals because they're killers. Law abiding citizens who are good people who will actually use the guns to defend them selves will obey the laws about guns but criminals won't because they're criminals. They disobey the laws. That's what makes them criminals. Sorry about the grammar.

  • Of course not

    The criminals will not obey the gun control laws. It takes a few seconds to aim and shoot versus 15 minutes for the police to get there. The only immediate defense that would guarantee a life saved is having a gun with you. Would you feel safer armed or not armed during a crime such as that?

  • People will always find a way to get a Gun

    Having stricter gun control will never stop the school shootings. They are happening more often because parents have lost control of their children. They no longer spank them. Children run their parents and their teachers now. If I spoke to my teacher, like kids do now, I would have been taken in the office and had my butt spanked by the principal.

  • They will find a way.

    No, stricter gun control would not help stop school shootings, because the people who want to hurt each other will find a way to do it, regardless of how strict gun control laws are. In China, the people just use a knife to attack each other, rather than a gun. Gun laws only stop the law-abiding citizen.

  • Drugs are illegal and they still get them

    Someone is still going to get those guns, banned on property or in total. The best way to stop school shootings is have armed teachers and staff. We can not make a gun law as strict as that one because having teachers and staff is the safest for our kids and of schools

  • Ban the ground instead

    Look. The ground, just like guns, is responsible for numerous deaths each year. However, people are more likely to die because of the ground. I mean, if somebody accidentally falls out of their 34 story window, they are guaranteed to be executed by the ground, which will heavily impact their craniums. If there were no ground, there will be less people dead. Period.

  • Since when so criminals follow laws?

    In case you didn't notice criminals don't follow laws. Shooters aren't going to say "before I shoot you I just need to double check if my gun is legal and if I'm following gun laws". Shooters are mentally ill and need mental assistance. Shooter or any criminal will get a gun legal or not; just like drugs are illegal people find ways around laws.

  • Criminals obey laws.

    Of course it would be safer... Obviously every criminal would turn in their guns and the world would be a safer place...

    Wake up people. Take Texas for example... How many shootings happen there? When everyone owns a gun there is actual fear from criminals about repercussion.

    If it takes 15 minutes for the police to arrive at a crime scene that would be 14 minutes and 58 seconds longer than an armed civilian to aim and fire... That's 14 minutes of time that some under-appreciated child or neglected adult isn't shooting up a school or mall.

  • Of course not!!!

    You never address the real issues... Soft targets are easy targets for would be killers. Regardless of what gun legislation occurs or not schools need to put in immediate safety measures now. The anti gun advocates will not even consider this an option and point the finger at the right. Why?

  • Shootings aren't done with legal Firearms

    Most of these horrific shootings that occur are not don by firearms legally obtained by a citizen with a flawless criminal and mental health record. They are either bought off the streets, bought in a gun show which doesn't require registering the gun, or stolen from a family member (as in Oregon recently). I think the teachers should be trained in firearms for the purpose of security, as well as having armed security as needed. Also, students who do not have mental illness or a criminal record should be carrying, of course only if they want to. Which I would If I were at college today. Even if it weren't allowed, I would find a way to protect myself, considering how frequent school shootings are becoming!

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