Would the United States win if we went to war with North Korea? Do you think North Korea would use nuclear weapons if war occurred?

  • North Korea says 'prepare for war'

    Firstly, unless China gives nukes to North Korea, they have no nuclear weapons. And, they do not have any ICBMs - Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles in their inventory at this time; they are just in the ICBM testing phase.
    We did not lose in Vietnam. Protesting anti-war liberal hippies at home with marches and demonstrations caused Congress to repeal the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution, which had given the President authority to send troops and fight the war in Vietnam. Because of the protests and demonstrations at home, we decided to pull-out.
    Liberal Left Politics and public opinion once again did not let the Generals fight a War. The US bombers were not allowed to bomb all targets in Hanoi. Russia and China were supplying arms to the North Vietnam Army; however, the USA did not have the guts to declare war on Russia and China, which we should have done then because we have had the most nukes and the best ICBMs.
    North Korea will be shut-down if they mess with us much more, and China will not interfere. If China does, cutting off all trade with them will make them think twice and for them to shut-down North Korea. If that does not work, well, WWIII was inevitable sooner or later.

  • Yes, if they went all-out war

    There is no doubt the United States could win a war with North Korea. We have enough nuclear weapons to wipe North Korea off the face of the Earth. Is that ideal? No. Fallout could fall on our ally South Korea, but we still have superior weaponry and armed forces.

    Posted by: TN05
  • The Super Power

    USA has the most active nuclear weapons n the world, has the best air force, 3rd size, and best trained marines. North Korea has a few nuclear weapons to their side, but everything else is far behind isa. The only reason we havent nuked afghanistan is because if we did so then no oil for us, and countries who got oil from us would bomb us and we'd blow up the world

  • They came They saw They conquered

    I don't think the North would have the time or ability to use Nuclear weapons, and if it did they could only detonate one inside their own borders. The United States and South Korean armies would steamroll the Norths defenses if the North had to stand by themselves. If China became involved things could get really really bad

  • The North Koreans Will Blast You To Hell

    We don't even know much about them to start with, The U.S. President Obama doesn't focus on their weapons and stuff, meanwhile North Korea could easily nuke the Americans anytime they want and you can't stop them from doing so. It's just a matter of time that the U.S. Will lose if North Korea will really attack them (and most likely will), plus their soldiers are sociopaths, athletic, skilled and loyal to their leader. I could go on with this forever, but I think I already said enough. Goodbye.

  • Dictator is crazy

    North Korea dictator is crazy. He won't mess around. 2 A bombs and America is toast. While America is still deciding on how to go to war, North Korea will be sending so many A bombs, America won't have time to react. Sheer numbers out weigh America too. Good luck America, not that it'll help you.

  • Us will win

    No one could possibly think that North Korea has a chance, the us' thousands of planes could break Korea in seconds, the US has many allies including Britain (who could win the war on their own) and many other sophisticated armies that together would give North Korea a very very faint chance of winning

  • We would win against North Korea

    We have better trained soldiers and have superior technology in every which way possible one of our drones could take down thirty of their planes and if the war turned to a nuclear war we would send the North to the bottom of the ocean but their is also the danger of causing a nuclear fallout in the South Korea and if they launched nukes I highly doubt that they would not reach our shores because of our nuclear missile defense

  • Yes, the United States will win the War.

    Most likely crush them with total war if not they were so close to our ally South Korea. They have nuclear weaponry, but for all we know that could easily be a bluff. They believe Kim Jong-Il was born in the most far fetched way and the most far fetched day, they can't possibly be as strong or have much of an intellectual stance as Un thinks. We have proven our nuclear weaponry and the strength of it, as well as of our army. Our country's military is far superior then there's as, even if we cut 40-60% of our budget on military, our country's military will still be the most spent on military in the war. We our clearly capable if President Obama shows his capability in strategical thinking and funding during war and doesn't make the worst mistakes that could be made. Exactly how it happened in Vietnam, it could end a tie, but our President was indecisive and made poor decisions when he made his mind, ultimately leading to a tie with our Vietnam foreign policy deterred, our troops showed they were capable of being monsters to the Vietnamese soldiers' eyes, but our President couldn't handle much. None the less the war was neither won or lost in Vietnam, and we would annihilate North Korea's beloved god, Kim Jong-Un as well as their troops (who are quite egocentric) if they ever tried to land a hand on the US, or any ally of the USA of that matter. Especially South Korea in this time.

  • The United States Of America will win

    North Korea hasn't tested their missiles,and USA have far too many allies for North Korea to comprehend with and I do not think they have enough nuclear weapons as Russia/USA does.

    North Korea does not have enough courage to do it,I mean they just cancelled two of their ballistic missiles!

  • The U.S. would lose like they did in Vietnam.

    The United States couldn't win the Korean war which is why there is North Korea in the first place. The U.S. can't win because winning a war is not just occupying a country. Winning a war goes far deeper than that. Winning a war means winning the people's minds and hearts. The people of Korea believe their leader is a God. There is no way you can change their minds. They would fight to the very end. Japan was the same way but the reason that the U.S. was able to change the minds of the people was because Hirohito got on the radio and proclaimed he wasn't a God. The shock of his announcement is what won the WWII in Japan--not the nuclear weapons. And, yes, North Korea would use nuclear weapon.

  • We would loose

    Everyone is saying stuff about the US and its allies, what about North Korea and there, they have china which there numbers alone out number us and our allies almost combined. Not to mention China is catching up with our military's technological advantage largely do to the files that have been being hacked from the pentagon computer base. The North Korean troops are trained in a much more disciplined fashion then our soldiers. Yes we have better weapons then them but like I said before they have China, think back to the world wars and how quickly all our factories were changed to help the war effort, well i think China can do the same, So I dont think we can win that war.

  • It's not just you america

    If the US went to war then us(Britain) and all of Europe would go against N Korea, you can't just say America would win, however they would be on the winning side. Korea has a huge army, but with British troops bieng the best trained and the US with pure numbers and strength. We would win. Plus, nukes can be counterd by other missiles(read it somewhere). It would take some doing though and by the way people of N Korea do not think the Kim's are their god. They fear them and they dispise the dictatorship but there is nothing they can do. Hopefully it will calm down.

  • Is there a winner in a nuclear war?

    Assuming North Korea with whatever nuclear capabilities they posses will surely be the just cause, of however many other unstable ran countries on this earth with nuclear weapons. Sparking all defense systems to unleash hell from every corner of our world. Weather you call it the dominoe effect or a chain reaction of what I believe we will I'm sure label as WWIII. A winner you ask? Nothing but losers. It's a war that can never be won.

  • no one wins in A NUCLEAR WAR

    Yes I know the U.S would win with no doubt but in reality no one wins millions of civilians and soldiers that are fighting the war will die because of both governments. THE TRUTH

    It doesn't take a hero to declare war but it take a hero to fight it.

  • No one would win.

    Tis' the nature of nuclear war. Yes, we would/could reduce the country to a bit of glowing earth. Heck, we could do that with the whole world, if we wanted. But is this what anyone wants? No! We want a unified Korea. We don't want to loose a few million, just to have "won". Any full-scale nuclear war would probably bring in other nations, as well. More people dead, more uninhabitable land. There are no winners in a nuclear war, especially one such as this.

  • We would win

    North Korea has a mentally unstable dictator in possession of Nuclear Weapons. These weapons may not be as advanced as ours but they still work. Notice Kim Jong Un did not sign the Non-Nuclear Proliferation act. He is not insane enough to initiate Mad(Mutually Assured Destruction). In a land war the U.S. Would have a huge technological and troop training difference. Not counting backing from the UN. The U.S. 7th fleet would bombard North Korea with cruise missiles and marines and special forces would be on the ground. The War would be over in a matter of weeks. Dennis Rodman would have to find himself a new best friend.

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