Would the US military (every single service member) fight for the government if another civil war broke out?

Asked by: Yaryar90
  • They shouldnt but they will

    The military we thank every day in our lives.We say thanks we celebrate holidays we go to funerals.We doi not want them to die of course.They have protected our place most of the times.Some cannot make it in time and a bunch more reasons.They fought to make us even be typing this debate.It is there job and we trust in them.Of course sadly alot dies from war but we do not that to happen but, if we let the other side who is attacking us just attack us we the whole area surrounded by the war will be hurt and that means the military should help of course it is sad to die and we cant thank them enough but, if the military doesnt help not only will they be hurt the whole area could be hurt or even die.

  • Oath of enlistment

    The US military swears on oath, not to the country or the government, but to the constitution. If the government is violating the constitutional rights of the American citizens and a civil war breaks out, there is absolutely no way that even half of the military would side with the government. It depends on the causes of a civil war. But regardless, I doubt that every single service member would even side with the government in any situation that causes a civil war.

  • Depends on the civil war.

    If we're speaking about a civil war similar to the first one, I'd say most of them would- but they'd chose which "government" based on their personal ideals. However, if you're talking about a coup d'état, I would think not. The military is not some brainwashed power that serves only the government. They serve the nation. They serve to protect the people. Time after time we've seen armies that refused to fight for a tyrannical government. I don't think most of the military would fight for the government if it decided to try and wage war against citizens. They'd choose they're personal ideals over the government's orders.

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