Would the world be better off if everyone spoke the same language?

Asked by: Z-man
  • Many of the world's problems will be solved

    It would be significantly easier to get around in other countries when you visit them. If everyone simply just spoke to languages the world would be better. If everyone simply spoke English and American Sign Language the world would be a far better place. Why I say sign language? Because there are people that can't help that they're deaf. It would be much less religious conflict if everybody spoke the same language. Here in america, we should abolish the Spanish and French Translations. English is the official language of the u.s. and people should have to speak it if they come here.

  • Diversity of culture is not the same as diversity of language.

    Saying that there would be no cultural diversity if everyone spoke the same language would be like saying we aren't different in any way because we all use our mouths to talk, or have two legs, or two eyes (I know that not everyone has these things, but these are not the things that define culture...Just as language is not the only thing that makes people different). People would still have different cultures if they all spoke the same language, but being able to communicate with one another to collaborate ideas and share knowledge would accelerate advances in medicine, technology, etc. It would have the same affect the internet has had...The ability to freely and quickly share information throughout the world. With the internet and one common language, communication (the most important part of any situation) would be endless and unobstructed!

  • Definitely It would.

    People would be able to understand one another. Through communication through 1 dialect you'd solve problems so much quicker. Some people are putting emphasis on culture but language is just a way of communication, nothing more nothing less. A common language would solve and fix alot of the worlds problems today.

  • Yes it would

    People would be better of with just one language, because only one language eliminates a lot of social and financial problems.

    Let's say that you just emigrated to another country, that does not speak the same language. Getting a job would be harder, because communication is hard or not possible. Everything just works with one language.

  • All that power in the hands of the ruling 1%.

    It's unlocking Pandora's box, only we won't like its contents. It'll geometrically increase the affluence and influence of the rich, greedy, and power hungry elites to attain global socioeconomic domination. They are 'effectively' doing it now regardless of language barriers. Imagine how 'efficient' they will be with the last frontier of language barrier breached.

  • It definitely would

    Language was developed long ago, some estimates put it at 75,000 years ago (although evidence is scarce). Since then, its advent has accelerated human development. As people moved it has diversified. If all humans spoke the same language today, surely it would work to unify humans is a positive way, present less conflict, and increase the speed of human development in the future.

    Some say it would reduce our cultural diversities, however, I believe it wouldn't. Language is not what defines a culture; a language comes out of an already developed culture. It is a tool used by humans. Tradition, beliefs, relationships, etc. define a culture. I concur that other languages must be preserved for historical reasons or tradition however. Brazil and Angola speak the same language (Portuguese), and no one could argue they have similar cultures. Instead, these countries are united by their common language (through trade agreements and political ties).

    Much conflict these days is caused by people from different cultures & countries misunderstanding themselves. A common language would work to rectify this. Sure we have translators now, but those individuals communicating certainly don't feel as connected to that foreigner as if you were negotiating with someone with your shared language.

    A single language would accelerate human advancement. Using the example of the Tower of Babel from the Bible, if we had a common language, we certainly would have built into the heavens as was planned. It was only because of Gods interference that halted our progress. If God hadn't interfered, we would've finished and learned from it. This story is applicable here, as it resembles all human advancement. A unified language would certainly aid our species.

    To conclude, the development of language would ultimately benefit human beings through reduced conflict and an increase in human achievements, with little to no affect on each individual culture.

  • Of Course it Would.

    This is coming from someone that was raised speaking two languages. We would be much better off if people had more in common. There is obvious resentment between humans based off of differences. People argue that we would lose culture, but culture isn't based on language alone. People would still have different lifestyles and histories. The U.S.A. and England speak the same language, does that mean we practice the same culture? No one would say that Americans and English people are the same, besides the words they use to communicate (which by the way sound totally different between the two).

    When I was growing up, I didn't even know what my race meant or why other people have different skin color. I'm Korean American so there were oddly (at the time) specific things being said to me. Then the discrimination got to the point where it started affecting me so I had to talk to my mom about it and from there I learned about "race".

    Racism is a social issue. Not a genetic one. Even though we have many physical and cultural differences across the world, our DNA only differs about 0.0001% amongst every person.

    What I'm saying is differences between people aren't predisposed. We are taught that stuff. It's not in our nature to assume someone's character by looking at them. We are naturally inclined to become acquainted with someone in order to learn who they are. That changes once race becomes relevant. You know who someone is because of their skin. Even in America where every race is here. It still happens despite what some people may think.

    Identity would be great. I'd love it if I didn't see "no Asians" on dating profiles online. That's just me. Maybe some of you like it or are just oblivious to others that don't always get the best assumptions made about them.

    There have been many times when someone asks where I'm from and when I say Skokie, IL they said "no, where are you really from?" Am I being called a liar or what? I've heard "wow your English is very good!" many times as well. Usually by someone that doesn't speak English as "good" as me. I guess that's a regular compliment. Uh thanks?

    It would make life a lot easier as well. There would be no "language barrier". So things wouldn't get misconstrued as they often do between different speaking people. We'd get things done faster, more efficiently, and with more comradery. You'd be able to assimilate with people from other nations easily instead of trying to learn their entire language. Which, in my opinion, is too excessive for the times I've traveled outside the country. There wouldn't be any negative thoughts when someone is saying something you don't understand. Which is thought to be rude, because of that.

    That "privilege" wouldn't be gone. If you want to talk bad about someone present in another language, just do it the way same speakers do, text it.

    Posted by: Esco
  • Yes, the world would be better off.

    But that doesn't always mean, for sure, it would be 100% better off. There are disadvantages, of course, but in a world of the Internet and globalisation, having 1 language would instantly see benefits. We can save the loss of culture and find ways to preserve them somehow. However, I would prefer a world where we all understand 1 language but also speak different ones.

  • It would be easier

    Obviously if we spoke the same language things would be easier. Everything would go much more smoothly in the world. Diversity in communication does nothing but slow down progress. Being able to easily convey information and knowledge to one another through the use of speech is a huge advantage that humans enjoy, and have enjoyed, for thousands of years. Two people who speak the same language will cooperate much better than two people who speak different languages. If the human species were given the option to completely forget their old languages in favor of all instantly knowing how to speak a common language there would literally be no reason to pick the old system.

  • Yes it would

    If we spoke one language integration between cultures would be smooth, travel would be more comfortable, we would be able to help one another easier and in the ideal world we wouldn't have those certain accents that are a chore to understand. For those who say no on the grounds of intellectual stimulation, you really mean to tell me you can think of nothing else stimulating!?

  • No it would not be a good idea.

    Language diversity contributes to learning and expansion of one's knowledge. Knowing many languages stimulates the mind and has been proven to slow the effects of diseases such as Alzheimer's. It would not be a good idea for the 1.5 billion people who speak English to tell the other 6 billion people that they need to make the switch to English to make communication, transportation and business more efficient. This would contribute to a detrimental loss of culture and get the world one step closer to a unified world state. Learning another language also (usually) helps in communication of your fist language.

  • No, That would take away a part of someone's identity.

    Ages ago, There was a language called Esperanto. It was a project to devise a language that the whole world would speak. However, The reason it failed is because nobody was willing to give up a part of their identity as to where they come from. So no. It isn't a good idea.

  • No , cultural diversity is key

    If everyone spoke one language messages of discrimination and hate based on some other superficial difference would be far easier to circulate and interpret by other cultures. If God wanted us to all speak one tongue the story centered on the Tower of babel would have a far different ending also language and culture are inextricable linked so to end the other 6000+ languages spoken around the world would be the end of those cultural norms as well BAD IDEA

  • Easier to Manipulate Others

    I think no, because I wonder what the effect would be for those demagogues able to gain support through their speeches and propaganda - the effects would be more wide-ranging and lead to wider support for their views across a far wider geographic area, leading to many more problems within respective countries as certain people shout louder than others. This is already happening online with automatic translations of webpages and people taking advantage of ways to disseminate fake news, propaganda etc... Imagine if everyone could have not only accessed but commonly understood Stalin, Hitler, etc, or not had to wait for seminal/foundational literature for all political positions available immediately without translation required, or every single religious text for every religion immediately and freely accessible to everybody - I think that would lead to more chaos and more emphasis on those kinds of differences, rather than less. Language is a means of communication and deeply embedded in culture, yes - which would mean one language would have different accents, different dialects of that language and localised slang, which wouldn't erase linguistic differences but highlight them to others. There would still be North/South divides, based on accents and slang, and people would STILL have different opposing ideas, political positions, religious and ethical positions, and all would rest on who had power and could shout loudest... So... I don't think it would help much!

  • No one would get to know other people's language or culture.

    If all have the same language it would be boring because you don't get to know other people's language and their culture.It would be boring if everyone spoke the same language.If we just know one language we won't get to learn other people's language.What happens if you have a favorite language and you want to learn that favorite language of yours but you can't because everyone spoke the same way.People that have a different language they won't have a culture and other people's culture are unique and different and the world would be plain boring and i know i said that it would be boring but it will.In the future the people who have kids will forget the language and their culture and they can't be passed down because they won't know their language or culture.

  • All that power in the hands of the ruling 1%.

    It's unlocking Pandora's box, only we won't like its contents. It'll geometrically increase the affluence and influence of the rich, greedy, and power hungry elites to attain global socioeconomic domination. They are 'effectively' doing it now regardless of language barriers. Imagine how 'efficient' they will be with the last frontier of language barrier breached.

  • All that power in the hands of the ruling 1%.

    It's unlocking Pandora's box, only we won't like its contents. It'll geometrically increase the affluence and influence of the rich, greedy, and power hungry elites to attain global socioeconomic domination. They are 'effectively' doing it now regardless of language barriers. Imagine how 'efficient' they will be with the last frontier of language barrier breached.

  • Leaning towards no!!! Read this!!!

    I think no because the world will be more boring. Also, sometimes there are words in some languages that they don't use in other languages because they are relating to culture. Also, just plain No. It is good for your brain and it is fun and worth it. FUN FACT: It is easier for a kid to learn a language then a grownup!

  • Not at all! 100

    I think the world would be a worse and boring if everyone spoke the same language. The reason I say so is because if everyone spoke the same language then cultures will be lost, there will be no cultural diversity which mean not just the languages will be the same but with time everyone will. You will not be able to connect to you history or heritage. The language your ancestors once spoke will be lost forever thereby cutting you off from one of the things that shape your identity and also from your past. Same language isn't good also because there will be lose of religious diversity, and multicultural foods and music. I am not saying it all bad because it can be positive in the sense of less conflict between people, easier communication and more equal treatment. I just think that the cultural diversity in the world is better than everyone being the sme

  • No way jose.

    I don't want what Hitler wanted. Taking step towards a common language is taking steps away from culture. Hitler wanted everybody to be the same, or similar. Diversity is beautiful. It is how God made us humans. Look at the Tower of Babel. God obviously had a design for us. God loves our differences. We don't have to be perfect, we don't have to be the same, we don't have to be "good enough". That's the beauty of the Cross. God accepts us as we are, so I don't think we should try to change it. "For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith—and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God— not by works, so that no one can boast." Ephesians 2:8-9

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