Would the world today benefit from increasing Christophobia and decreasing religiosity?

  • Christianity Interferes with Humanity

    A majority of the world's inhabitants aren't Christian. Contemporary society can benefit from more Christophobia and less religion because people's religious beliefs tend to interfere with basic humanity. All too often, religious people such as Christians are too intent on changing abortion laws and restricting gay rights to realize that they should be helping people who are already alive yet very unhappy. We need to alleviate the suffering of people who are alive, not the ones who have yet to be born.

  • Too many still are governed by beliefs that were held a couple thousand years ago. It's outdated.

    So many wars were started in the name of God, so many were killed in the name of God. So many suffered inequality in the name of God. The world has not burned due to the sins of those who have not given themselves to God. If those who were so judgmental in the name of God thought with their heart and with love instead of the fear of going to hell this world would be a better place. And if those who believe their God is mightier than another God realized everyone was the same there would not be as much global chaos.

  • Maybe to a degree

    The world might benefit from a decrease in religion in the sense that people do incredibly awful things in the name of religion. Still, religion isn't necessarily a bad thing, and it can be a great force in people's lives - people separate themselves along lines regardless of religious or not.

  • People need it

    Marx was probably right when he said that religion was the opium of the masses, but I would dare say that people need that opium to keep on existing. Everybody has a crutch, whether it's religion, liquor, or football, and human beings need those crutches. Religion is something that has been a center piece of human culture for thousands of years, and I'm not really sure if a mass decline in religion or the shunning of Christianity in general is really a good thing, especially when so much of Western culture is tied up in that religion.

  • It would benefit more if Christians could behave themselves.

    There is no such thing as Christophobia. Avoiding hate filled and judgmental Christians who want to murder you for being gay or an atheist isn't phobic, it's common sense. The world benefit more if those Christians stopped with the sinners repent garbage and started acting like the Christ they claim to worship.

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