Would Trump be a better President than Hillary?

Asked by: Dantheman828
  • Yes he would

    Hilary says that people who are under police investigation should not own guns. But if she thinks that people under FBI investigation should not be able to run for president. If she thinks that someone should not own a gun if they are under investigation then why should she get nuclear missiles?

  • Better for the country.

    The only thing we would get from Hillary is 4 - 8 more years of the same politically correct way to do things. I think it's stupid to give in to special interest groups at every turn just so you don't upset them. Clearly our southern border has been a weak point in our nations security as hundreds of thousands go unchecked each year. To me, the only practical way to solve this security threat is to build the wall. I don't care if it upsets people who disrespect our borders. What I think is funny is how Hillary claims Trump is not suited for foreign policy when there are some countries who are not likely to acknowledge a woman's opinion. I can just hear it now. She calls the leader of one of those countries and is cut off by the words "Could you put your husband on the phone?" Seriously, how can you conduct foreign policy if they foreign leader won't even talk to you?

  • She's off to a bad start already

    I am mainly biased by Hillary's Benghazi scandal, but is he to blame for deaths over poorly constructed foreign policy? Is he currently under federal investigation for tampering with evidence? No, I'm afraid he is not. Some of his policies may be absurd, but lets not forget we have a checks and balances system where his ideas will get shot down by a 2/3 vote in either congress, the senate, or the supreme court. Don't like trump? That's fine. But if Hillary is wiling to lie to four families about their relatives' deaths overseas, think about what else she will keep from you- do you want someone with that bad a track record at the position of Commander-in-Chief?

  • Hillary is a danger to America

    Hillary plainly said that she would consider gun laws similar to that in Australia. She was referring specifically to a law that enforced a mandatory buyback of firearms by the government. Hillary would deprive us of our 2nd Amendment rights and restrict individual liberty. Trump, though he may be sexist, racist, and crazy, would NOT take away these rights. Trump, no matter how bad he is, will not continue the failed policies of President Obama.

  • No room for Idiots

    Don't think for a minute that I consider Hilary to be ideal-she's not by any means but anyone's is better than that acerebral, fat carcass of a man with more wives than brain cells, and truly disturbing interest in his own daughter. He doesn't deserve to live in America, let alone run for presidency. Forget building a wall, just roll him over to the border, no one would fit past him.

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