Would you agree that the world is becoming more ethical every year?

  • More ethical now

    When you look at crime as a whole, it has been decreasing more as time goes on. I think this points to a more ethical society. There will always be more ethical issues to face, but for the most part education has helped increase ethical behavior. Science has also been a major contributor.

  • The world is becoming more ethical.

    For the worst part, the world is becoming more ethical. Even war torn areas of the world, like the Middle East and much of the African continent, there are more human rights movements and secularization of society. There are still many issues to resolve, but hopefully this trend continues on its path.

  • The World is Becoming More Ethical

    Yes, the world is becoming more ethical every year. As campaigns for ethical causes become more and more prevalent, the awareness of such causes becomes more saturated throughout the world. Just a generation ago, it was considered acceptable and normal to mistreat gay people. Now, the majority of the world views that as unethical. This is only one example of ethical progress.

  • Pretty much the same

    I don't think that the world is getting more or less ethical every year, including from a very long time ago. There are always going to be good people and bad people. People who crave power at all costs and people who will defend the weak. It doesn't really change.

  • I Would Say The Opposite

    I do not agree that the world is becoming more ethical every year. I believe the corruption and moral compasses are actually getting worse. I believe there is a lot of inequality, especially in America, but it is less likely to be race based and more likely to be based in financial situations.

  • The world is encountering more ethical problems each year.

    The world is not becoming more ethical every year. In fact, it seems as if we are encountering more problems in this arena as time goes on. The advent of technologies, such as socal media has made cheating more commonplace among people. In addition, technology has also made war more possible and more dangerous.

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