Would you be open to the idea of Humans teaming up with a friendly alien race?

Asked by: rphk123
  • Sure, as long as there's room

    As long as they have something positive to offer us, they are worth all the trouble, and there is enough room on Earth, why not. Think of the technological advances we could make with our creativity, and their intelligence. We could be the supreme community in the galaxy. We could even colonize other planets and combine with multiple other alien races. This is a bit ambitious, but crazy things never thought possible have happened before and it's unlikely that aliens could create such technological advances without being able to cooperate with each other.

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  • Sure We Can

    Everyone says aliens will be so far ahead of us. What if they are living on Mars, or landed on Earth by accident? We don't have to be hopelessly outgunned in an alien encounter, and as long as we don't completely overreact, well be fine. Why can't we be friends why can't we be friends

  • I am a hostile alien

    I will destroy all humans my ship is currently hovering over your house. And my dodge neon is faster than any of your cars because it has a jet engine from a spaceship so it can also fly. It also has laser guns all over it so I can shoot you ha ha ha

    Paul the alien

  • Any contact with an alien race would be the downfall of earth.

    Comparatively speaking, if aliens arrived here with an offer of friendship, I expect it would be like the Christian missionaries arriving on an island and greeting the natives. What appeared to be friendly would result in the destruction of our way of life.
    They would appear to us to be so far advanced, that half the population would want to worship them, and the other half (mostly the USA) would want to destroy them.
    Either way....We're screwed.

  • One of the strongest indicators of a predator is intelligence...

    "Any race intelligent enough to have achieved space travel must have evolved beyond our faults of hatred, racism, etc."

    I just shake my head when I hear this nonsensical horse hockey. One of the things that makes predator animals so amazing is how intelligent they are. A prey animal doesn't have to be as intelligent as a predator. Part of the reason the scientific community does so much studying of predator animals is because they LEARN very similarly to humans. They learn from experience. A lioness learns from failed attempts how to better pursue and kill her prey. An antelope doesn't have to learn anything. It's simple instinct. See/smell predator, run from predator in specialized way.
    Even if this wasn't a reality of science, it's not like humans are some great example of morality aligned with scientific prowess. The US and Japan are the worlds leaders in new technology. Japan has HUGE class problems as well as extremely high rape stats. And do I even need to point out US problems? There is NO correlation between scientific advancement and moral advancement. None. In fact one of the greatest atrocities in human history, the dropping of two nuclear bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, was a direct result of technological advancement. We as humans did not become morally superior simply because we have developed better technologies. Are we better than the dark ages? Certainly, but that has occured for other reasons not related to technological advancement, (diversity, larger populations, greater likelihood of exposure to multiple cultures). There is no reason to believe aliens would be friendly in the first place.
    I suppose there is no reason NOT to believe they wouldn't be unfriendly either... Except there is. We, humans, consistenly kill animals for food, sport, land, any number of reasons. WE do this because while we recognize them as sentient beings, we also think of the life of an animal with less value than that of a man. That's fine. But here's where the hitch comes in. A man considers himself more intelligent, more sentient, than a pig. Might not a pig consider itself more intelligent than a rat? Might an alien not consider itself more intelligent, more sentient than a human?
    An alien race is unlikely to see us any differently than we see pigs. Intelligent creatures that happen to also be delicious. Pigs are smarter than dogs. No kidding. The dogs only get a fair shake because they are cuter. I sure hope the aliens find us more entertaining than tasty.

  • There are no friendly aliens.

    If so, Alf may count, but he's probably hiding. LOL. Why haven't we seen a friendly alien yet? Always hear of horror stories and nothing good of those who have had close encounters. If the "good" aliens haven't helped us yet, why would they now? They either want us to do it on our own......Which cancels out their help, or they want to help but are taking light years to get here and by that time the world will blow up. But hey maybe I'm wrong and one day ET will be here and everything will be sooooo happy. -__- one day.. Uhm....Yea looks like were on our own. But that's why we have God.

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