• It would depend on my job and my health

    If I loved my job and my health permitted me then sure I would probably want to work. However on the flip side, if I was retired I could volunteer in charity work or travel and see the world. It will all depend on the job, my health and what else there is out there for me to do. I hope I get to do something that is fulfilling to me and those around me though. Que sera sera I guess :)

  • Survival of The Hardest Worker

    Yes, I would be willing to work until I am the age of 70 or 75. I am also the type of person that believes you do what you need to survive. I do not plan on having to work that old into my life, but if need be it, I shall.

  • No, I would rather not

    I would rather not work till 70 or 75, I would like to enjoy retirement. I think at that age you start to lose some things like your hands aren't as steady as they used to be, and don't know if it would be a good idea for me to continue working. I think it would make it so retirement is not ever going to happen you would most likely die first.

  • No, I would not be willing.

    The only way I would work till that age was if my life depended on it. I have begun saving for my retirement at a young age to avoid this. Not because I want to spend my life on the beach, but because I know when I'm older I won't have the stamina to work as hard as I am now.

  • No I would not!

    I want to be able to enjoy life! If I had to wait that long to retire, I wouldn't be able to fit traveling, babysitting grandbabies, and finding new hobbies in. Life shouldn't be all about money, and I don't believe that we should work until the day we die. Although, if you love you job, maybe you wouldn't want to quit working. I guess it truly depends on what your job is.

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