Would you consider horseback riding a sport?

Asked by: 66Piez
  • Of course it is!!!

    I bet each and everyone that said it isn't a sport, have never been of a horse before. This is my biggest pet peeve by far! I mean if it isn't a sport, why is it in the OLYMPICS huh? To people who say its "not like soccer or basketball" well I have great news for you: last time I checked, a soccer ball can't get mad at you, injure you or buck you off or step on you.

  • It's more than just a sport

    Horseback riding takes lots of muscle. You have to squeeze with your legs. I am a horseback rider and all my horseback riding friends have noticeably strong legs. It also takes lots of core muscle. And lifting saddles and water buckets and Haybale's gets you strong arms. Sounds like a sport. But it is so much more. You are a team with an animal over 1000 pounds and that animal is your best friend. The bond between horse and human is on explainable .

  • Horses riding IS a sport!!!

    Why? Working with a 600kg animal, that is 5x the size of you is not for the faint hearted! It’s a team event just like any other sport. If you lift weights, I lift water buckets! If you run one mile, I ride 15! You have a season of sport, we have all year through every weather whist you are cancelling training and we can’t!!! It’s not abuse that’s why we have farriers, phisios, saddle fitters, on call vets, instructors to make sure nothing is abusive and everything is done properly. Some disgusting horibble idiots beat their horse and has no damn what so ever. Fortunately there are not many of these people and we are a great community. I can’t believe people call it leisure because falling from a 5foot animal is not pleasure and that’s a fact. I have fallen on fences, gorse bushes, had my hands and feet stood on. Yet I don’t give up and never EVER give up on my horses. SO HORSE RIDING IS A SPORT, YOU CANT DENY IT!!!!!!

  • Its not a sport, its amazing

    I love horseback riding soooo much as well as horses in general. I don't know how I would've survived if I didn't have horses in my life. They are the most amazing creatures. I fully believe that its so much more then I sport. Its an emotionally and physically enriching activity. (You can't say the same things about football) Why I'm saying its not a sport, is because it is SO MUCH MORE

  • Horse Riding IS a sport

    Everyone says we sit there. I ride western and i defiantly do not just sit there. My horse is a morgan (a breed for you stupid people) and he HATES to slow down, so i bet that if i put you on him and told you to do the barrels and NOT canter or trot you'd be on the ground in a second. I'm more athletic than most of the boys in my school who do your so called "sports" and they know I am. Does your ball weigh 1200 lbs? Can your ball be calm and then all of a sudden ATTACK you and almost kill you? Does your ball have a ind of its own? NO, it does NOT. Our ball does all of those things, because its a living thing. The reason we take care of them is because they are our best friends.

  • Of course it’s a sport!

    I’m sorry, but I was reading the answers to the people who said ‘no’ and I actually can’t deal with it. If horse riding isn’t a sport, how is golf considered one? Or even chess? (Yes, some people think chess is a sport). I do no other sport, only horse riding, and I’m extremely fit. No, you don’t just sit there. You have to make sure your horse keeps going, or make sure he/she isn’t going to fast. You have to make sure your elbows are straight, your thumbs are up, your heels are down, your back is straight, your chin is up. If you don’t consider it a physical sport(which it is), at least consider it to be a ‘mental sport’ (again, chess.). This really, really gets on my nerves. If horse riding isn’t considered a sport, I don’t see how kicking a ball around, throwing one into a hoop, hitting one with a bat, or even pushing one through hoops can be.

  • Horse riding is a sport!!!!!!!

    I absoluely HATE IT when people say 'oh well you basically only play one sport (netball)' and I say ' Em, i ride ponies aswell' and there like 'thats not really a sport though, you dont really move ithat much, your horse just does the work' OMG I DO SO MUCH IN THE SADDLE IT IS UNREAL! After very lesson, every competition i am always sweating, always tired. And i have to do that 3 times a day. On top of that i have to muck out,feed,hay,groom,brush up etc. So when i hear someone say equestrianism isnt a sport you can see how it is so frustrating.I have grown up around horses theyre all ive ever known, so when someone insults my life my passion its so annoying. I fall off, i get injured, they stand on your toes until they break them. And even with broken bones, you still ride because you have a big competition on next week and you cant afford to let your horse get unfit. I am exeteremly fit due to horses. So therefore makes it sport because i am getting physically fitter due to it. So please do not diss horse riding and most of you saying it isnt a sport dont even ride so yeah

  • YES, it is.

    I don't build muscle while riding? Tell that to my thighs! You try going a countless numbers of laps in 2-point! It's tough work. You can burn calories while riding, definitely!! It's very much a team sport because you and your horse become one being and you work together. All sports come with risks, but no other sport requires you working with a 1,000+ pound animal that could possibly kill you in a second. Other sports, if you fall, you only fall about 2 feet or so. Horseback riding? You fall about 5 feet or more and you also have the risk of being drug if your feet get caught in the stirrups. When we get in the arena, we don't get time-outs or the ability to have substitutions. It's one shot and it's make or break. Think again. It’s harder than you think. Smh... There’s an Olympic team, need to say more?

  • Thanks to all you cowboys and cowgirls who believe=)

    Thank you to all you horse rider out there you have made my job so much easier. You ask your self what does the kid mean and yes i am a kid but not the point. Well my job is one of my teachers is telling the class for a project that we have to find something we love and prove why it is a sport and as you can guess i love horse back riding. Off topic again sorry. Well all my class mates say it is not a sport and that we riders make it look effortless like the people who say it is not a sport are saying well with quotes cited from you guys and gals this makes my topic a whole lot easier and more fun to work on so all you cowboys, and cowgirls, hunter jumpers, dressage riders and English riders well done i say thanks to you guys. And for all you non believers go team penning, barrel racing, pole bending, Dressage, jumping on a horse and come back and than say your belief and just to let y'all city folk who have never been around a horse but once it dose not hurt them it is actually giving them a workout so they are not fat a lazy and it helps with the bond between rider and horse so thank you to you believers and for all you non believers GO GET YOUR BUTT OFF THAT COACH AND GO RIDE A HORSE FOR REAL AND THAN TALK ABOUT HOW HORSE BACK RIDING IS NOT A SPORT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Have you tried it?

    This annoys me so much when people are like "Horseback riding, isn't a sport!" And they are so certain about it. It is a sport. It is in fact one of the oldest sports in the history of the world. And I am just a beginner, I just don't understand why you say these things, and to that person who said it's for lazy people, you even said you have to groom it, feed it, and train it! That is bassically saying that you need to put effort into it. AND YOU DO!

  • It is not a sport.

    I consider horse back riding being to lazy to walk. If you don't like walking then buy a car not a horse, horses are just animals and they are dumb. You have to train them, feed them, clean them and groom them. Like I said before To lazy to walk.

  • It's not a sport

    Yeah you control a 1000 lb animal but farmers control 100x that and farming isn't a sport. If you need to question whether or not something is a sport, it probably isn't one. I get that you're passionate about your activity but that doesn't mean you need to call it a sport.
    BACKGROUND: I know many people who do horseback riding and have experience with it myself.

  • Deff not a sport

    In all honesty, riding a horse isn't difficult. Even if it's considered a sport, a jockey isn't an athlete. There's minimal physical movement involved in riding a horse. Just let the horse do its job. I don't know why I need fifty words but I'll add three more words now.

  • It isn't a sport, it's a hobby.

    Horseback riders complain about sitting on a horse and having but pain, they say because they have to use their thighs you have to be fit. Wrestlers, mama fighters, football players. What do they have in common? Oh yeah they're actually athletic so they can play. Can't say the same about equestrians it's basically only one spot above competitive videogames

  • No Not at all

    Sport is like soccer or hockey, riding a horse is a luxury or a pass time. Yes there is sport riding like racing barrels or jumping, but horse back riding in general is not a sport. You may have to use strength to stay on and to control the animal but that is not a sport, like saying driving a 4 wheeler is a sport.

  • Don't harm animals.

    It is not a sport just harming animals.It was used in past to go to from one place to another place.Now we have vehicles to move from one place to another, so, they are using horse ,bulls,etc animals for games.First of all the police should catch the players who play with animals.

  • Riding an animal is not a sport. It's cruel and degrading.

    Riding an animal is not a sport. It's cruel and degrading.Riding an animal is not a sport. It's cruel and degrading.Riding an animal is not a sport. It's cruel and degrading.Riding an animal is not a sport. It's cruel and degrading.Riding an animal is not a sport. It's cruel and degrading.Riding an animal is not a sport. It's cruel and degrading.

  • Riding Isn't a sport

    Yes the rider does a lot of work but at the end of the day, the horses actions are what result in the final product. Be it running, jumping etc., without the horse pushing off the ground it doesn't happen. For all the people who say "if you say riding isn't a sport you're intimidated because our ball has a mind of its own, stop. You can't compared a 4 legged, living animal to an inanimate object that can't do anything unless you directly move it yourself

  • No, it is not a sport

    All the "yes" arguments fail.

    All I can read about is:
    The horse is tall and hard to climb (still doesn't make it a sport though)
    You have pain in your muscles, yeah sure. But does that make it a sport?
    The horse does most of the work.

    I know it's fun taking care of a horse and do parcours and stuff, but do you move more than that horse?

  • Horseback riding is not a sport!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Horseback riding is not a sport because all you do is sit on the horse while it does all of the work. The only time you actually have to work is when you are doing no stirrups of your horse. Just because it is in the olympics does not mean it is a sport

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