Would you drug someone who believe in mental hospitals up?

Asked by: Adam2isback
  • If it was legal... Yes, for every mental hospital patient who is victimized by these arrogant shit-talking doctors, every mental hospital believer should get attacked

    Definitely, I don't respect mental hospital doctors or anyone who believes in them. I definitely believe in eye for eye in this one. I would become a drug dealer just to attack these types (put extra stimulants on the drugs these scumbags who believe in mental hospitals take). That way we attack any future doctor. I would definitely do that to a teacher I knew.

  • They are needed.

    Mental hospitals are useful in the care of people with problems that can make them a danger to themselves and others. There are a number of different roles they play and some may be more specialized than others.
    -Emergency Psychiatry is useful when there is a high risk of suicide. Clearly it would be better to get them the immediate help they need.
    -Open Units provide a less secure format for those who want treatment but are at less of a risk.
    -Medium Term is used when medication and therapy take a longer amount of time for a desired effect.
    -Juvenile Wards keep minor separate from adults with mental issues.
    -Long Term is used when a greater amount of time is needed to help those with mental issues.
    -Halfway Houses help with the transition between being institutionalized and independent living.
    -Political Imprisonment is used in some countries as for what is suspected as punishment but it could be used to deprogram them.
    -Secure Units are used when someone with major mental issues has been charged with a criminal act. This would include those who have been found innocent by reasons of insanity. Because it may take a very long time to cure them of the condition that caused them to commit the crime, they could spend more time in the secure unit than they would in prison had they been found guilty.
    -Community Hospital Utilization tends to cover a variety of these with exceptions. You could look at it as similar to a medical hospital as they cover things from emergency care to long term intensive care.

    Yes, mental hospitals have received a bad reputation because of some questionable practices that have been done in the past. If we look at the history medical hospitals of the past, we can see some questionable practices as well. Thing is, we are looking at them in hindsight. Back then, neither knew the things we know today so they just did what they thought was right given what knowledge they had. I would guess that at some point in the future, our more suitable methods we use today in both will be looked at as barbaric as well.

    Because they are there for the protection of their patients as well as the public, we need to keep them in use. To punish those who work for or support their use would not be justified because they are not a danger to themselves or others.

    It is easy to point out a problem if you don't have to give an alternative. If Adam2 has a better option to protect others from dangerous people, by all means share it. If his solution is to promote violence or other unjust punishment, then maybe he should be a patient as well. For all I know, he was a patient but needs further treatment.

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