• Taste Like Chicken

    I would try it. I might not like it, but just like they say "It taste like chicken", maybe it does. Rabbit does, i had it and thought it was chicken until someone told me it was rabbit. Sure you can say no because they are pets, but so are rabbits and chickens. All farm animals can be considered pets.

  • Yes, I would eat a guinea pig.

    No argument here. You asked a question of personal choice not opinion. Opinions are debatable, personal choices are not. Of course, I would prefer the little morsel to be properly prepared. Maybe barbecue it like chicken. Or fry it up in a skillet. They probably taste very much like squirrel.

  • I love this question.

    Guinea pigs high up on the list of common domesticated animals. Without looking at statistics I figure dogs and cats are highest. The answers to this question really shows how people can be uncomfortable with the idea of eating an animal if it is popularly domesticated. In Asia wild dogs (emphasis on wild) are often cooked and consumed. It's no different than the consumption of beef or swine in North America. I'd try some cooked guinea pig if offerred it.

  • Depends How It's Cooked

    If you cook a guinea pig properly I imagine it would taste very similar to rabbit. Probably pretty good in stew, as a Chinese style dish (sweet and sour guinea pig). After all the Romans used to eat dormice and snails gorged on raw meet and the Chinese, Aztecs, and my ancestors used to eat dogs. Guinea pig, serve it up!

  • They taste good.

    They taste great if cooked right. Grilled and smoked is best. Grill a few dove and quail, and you have a feast.

    Some corn on the cob, coleslaw, and garlic bread. Some cold ice tea.

    Watch out for the bones, they are small.

    Fired ice cream for desert. Yum. Yum.

  • Put it on the plate!

    I would eat a guinea pig and I would have no qualms doing so, maybe only insomuch as if it is clean or not. I would eat a dog, cat, horse, or whatever! The only differences in our food palates are our cultures. Every animal in the world is being eaten by people, almost, or there have been attempts to eat almost every animal. So why not? Give it a try, because in the end, animals aren't people. On the other hand, since humans are the most intelligent creatures on the earth, that gives people an obligation to keep things in balance and not consume everything. There is plenty to go around.

  • Never by choice

    I've never had a pet guinea pig or anything, but personally I associate guinea pigs far too much with friendliness and companionship. I wouldn't be able to bring myself to eat something which I inherently associate with being a pet, whereas I could eat beef for example because I've never lived on a farm so don't associate cows with being a loved member of the family. For me, eating a guinea pig would be like eating a human (as irrational as I know that is!).

  • Have you read my name?

    I used to have 4 pet guinea pigs at the same time because I loved hem so much. I now only have 2 and they are so cute. I don't see how anyone would ever want to eat one. It is like eating a dog or a cat and I don't even like cats!

  • Nope, not me.

    I respect everyone's own opinion to what they would or would not eat, but I would never eat a guinea pig. I've had guinea pigs as pets since I was 11 years old. I think that they are the cutest, sweetest animals ever, and I really love them. Eating them would just seem wrong.

  • What? That is insane!

    What the --- is that person talking about? Guinea pigs are cute little fuzzy animals. How can you put in on a plate and eat it? HOW? This is insane! Out of all the animals in the world, guinea pigs? Not pigs itself, but guinea pigs? OMG! LORD! Save every guinea pigs lives!

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