Would you ever want to live in the Victorian era?

Asked by: Adam2
  • So much Poon

    I believe that it was a time where men get the most puss, and were at their finest, now men are just begging for sex, in the Victorian Era it was so easy, all women were easy and did what they were told, they were basically sex objects, which you can't find in today's times, oh how I wish there were time machines because I would go back in a heartbeat so I could be the puss destroyer of every attractive woman I see

  • There are irreplaceable advantages to living now.

    I LOVE modern plumbing. It is arguably the greatest real contributor to our quality of life. Modern water treatment, and sewage treatment make the largest contributions to individual health. Hot showers and in house running water are irreplaceably pleasant.

    Refrigeration, not just at home, but while food is in storage and in transit, is the only real competitor to water/sewage treatment as the primary contributor to health. It is hard not to like ice cream in the middle of the night.

    The appreciation of diverse cultures, not as distant childlike curiosities, but as standard contributors to art, music, food, and philosophy, and to social circles (as equals) is fun.

    These three factors are things I would have to do without in the Victorian Era, and I truly believe that these art the three greatest contributors to my quality of life. Granted, I would have infinitely more freedom as an American during that period. The twentieth and twenty-first centuries have been a non-stop rush to destroy freedoms we had when government was smaller and did not try to take care of everybody. Even so, freedom is hard to enjoy when one is always sick and dirty.

  • No, a mad era

    I would like to visit it as if there were a time machine but would not like to live during the era. Women were given no actual rights and people would be hanged for the silliest of reasons which are not yet to be blamed on. It was a time of outright arrogance and bigotry. The hatred of autistic people spiked when Victoria took the crown during the 1870s. She is not someone people would have liked to make problems with.

  • Now is the best

    The standard of living now is much better than ever before. Back then disease were treated improperly, women had no rights, it was not progressive, and the BRitish parliament was insane. Maybe for a short period, but live? No...Absolutely not. Now is better than ever before my dear friend.. Now!

  • Bigotry, bigotry and bigotry describes this era

    This was a time when England became a caste system. A time of outright arrogance and bigotry. Hatred of tomboys and autistic people spiked when Victoria took the crown during the 1870s. She hated tomboys and autistic people and intensified British imperialism, and made it even worse. She is not someone to be celebrated.

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