• It would be a nice experience.

    I would really love to move to a foreign country. But knowing the native language of the country I am moving to would be a big plus point. I would like to experience a new lifestyle, new culture - everything new. I would really love to move to Germany or Italy. I would even like to visit Spain some day.

  • I am a travelholic

    I lived in Romania for three years when I was a kid and I have always wanted to go back. Europe is a very interesting and beautiful place with lots of History. My top 5 countries I would want to visit would probably be Norway, Ireland, UK, Germany and the Czech Republic.

  • Yes could be fun.

    Living in another country could be great as long as I speak the language. If anything I would be most likely to move to Europe because I have a stronger chance of understand the English there than I would anywhere else. I do not know any other languages so I would steer clear of other countries till I learned them.

  • I would love to live in another country.

    Living in another country would be a great experience. I would love to live in Japan or Australia. Parts of Europe would be cool too. It would be a unique experience to live in parts of Africa, such as Egypt, Morocco or South Africa. It would be great to experience the culture of another country!

  • I have already lived in a foreign country.

    I lived in Europe for several years, and traveled quite a bit. I have also traveled in Asia. I don't have any more desire to live overseas. Europe, especially, tends to be more crowded than the United States. It is also more expensive. Plus, it is much farther away from my relatives. So no, I would not like to live in another country. I have so been there and done that already.

    Posted by: cs2

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