• The world needs a strong, smart and in some cases truly neutral figure in order for it to strive.

    I'm the person fitted to fulfill that duty . Those words describe me and I am truly fair .I have seen points of view from many different people , because there no good or bad I will do my best in filling everyone's definitions.I can further discuss with you .Will you make me the world leader or who do you believe would be better suited for the tittle.

  • I'm not buying it

    "there no good or bad I will do my best in filling everyone's definitions"

    How do you fill everyone's definitions when there are so many different beliefs about what we should and should not do in government?

    How do you rule without imposing definitions of "good" and "bad"?

    How can you be "truly neutral"?

  • Hell no, I'm not taking your word for it!

    This call isn't yours t make. People in the world deserve to make that decision. If you want to be a world leader, by the way, try actually getting out into the world, instead of debate.Org. And finally, I would have more faith in a World Leader if they knew how to spell.

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