Would you prefer your country to be multicultural (yes) or of just one culture (no)?

  • I Accept others if they Accept Me

    I have no problem accepting other cultures as long as they are willing to accept mine. The problem I have been having is to accept someone else means I have to dismiss or omit what I believe in or what is important to me just because of politics. Screw politics. We acknowledge other cultures holidays like Ramadan, Kwanza, all that jazz but we have to leave out Christmas and it's symbols or Easter just because it acknowledges Christ and His presence in our country. My opinion is that if you're going to live in this country you have to be just as accepting of my beliefs as I am of yours. It's give and take. Not we give give give and others take away what we value and cherish.

  • Yes, I appreciate multiculturalism.

    I live in a town that was founded on one culture, which is not my own. It seems less rich to be in an area with just one culture. The United States has quite a mixture, and we can learn so much from various cultures--about their traditions, lifestyles, and family life. Knowing about more than one culture enriches our lives.

  • Yes, My Country Should Be Multicultural

    A lack of variety in any group will result in the same flaws being perpetuated, and this is as true of a country as in any group in nature. Dealing with people of a different culture can give one a new way of looking at things. While differences in culture can result in fighting and other unpleasantness, the positives gained more than make up for the occasional argument or violence by strengthening my country.

  • I would prefer my country to be multicultural.

    I would prefer my country to be multicultural. Think how boring it would be if there was just one culture! One of the great things about our country is how diverse some cultures are. Because of different cultures we can learn about all types of food, clothing, dances and ways of life in general. Our lives are greatly enriched by our cultural differences.

  • A monoculture is stronger.

    A multicultural society is a pathetic, spineless excuse for a group of people. They can have their culture back home, but they're here now, so they can fit right in with the rest of us. The Pols and Vietnamese, for example, when they came in, didn't get any special treatment, and they assimilated just fine, and they, now to be counted as we, grew and prospered. Those that whine about their culture being rightly stamped upon are often groups that got preferential treatment from the get-go of the whole debacle, like the Hispanics, for example. FYI, that's not racism. They are just the biggest example of those benefiting from multiculturalism I could find.
    In short, welcome to America. Enjoy your stay.

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