Would you rather have Andrew Luck (yes) or Robert Griffin III (RG3) (no) as your quarterback in the NFL?

Asked by: cpayagen13
  • Yes, Andrew Luck is luckier.

    Yes, I would rather have Andrew Luck as my quarterback in the NFL, instead of Robert Griffin, because you can't lose with a guy whose last name is Luck. Andrew Luck is a strong player that can be depended on. Robert Griffin's career has not been as stable. Andrew Luck would be a better bet for a player.

  • I'm all about fun.

    Luck is the more reliable, more mature, more likely to succeed of the two. RGIII is more fun... And so I pick him! I think fun is mostly absent from the NFL. Everything is about work, planning, focus and pounds (a lot of these). If the NFL had more players like RGIII I'd be truly hooked on it. The way it is, I skip most of the games. BTW I'm a Bears fan and Jay Cutler sucks BIG time.

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