Would you still consider Italy for a summer vacation destination after the recent devastating earthquakes?

  • Still a beautiful place

    Earthquakes are a real concern all over the globe, and cancelling a trip because of the chance of them seems extremely short-sighted. Tragedy can happen anywhere, anytime, and if you fail to do things that make you happy because of fear, you've already lost. I'd happily take a summer vacation to Italy, and I'd never even think about earthquakes unless I came across some rubble caused by them.

  • Yes, I would definitely consider Italy for a summer vacation.

    Yes, I would consider Italy as a destination for a trip just as I would consider Japan, Alaska, California, Chile, or any other region that from time to time experiences major earthquakes. Besides, Italy is large. I could book a trip to locations within the nation that are far away from the area that was just hit by an earthquake.

  • Yes, I would still consider Italy a vacation destination for the summer.

    It is sad that the earthquake occurred in Italy. However, I would still consider it a vacation spot for next year. Italy is beautiful and it is still deserving of a vacation visit. I believe that the country is strong and will recover from this tragedy. I see no problem with showing it support.

  • No, there is an option.

    Italy’s advances in construction and building codes have resulted in modern structures that are better able to withstand the impact of earthquakes. But in many of Italy’s historic towns and villages, it’s not possible to protect old buildings and their heritage. So, I would avoid that kind of place as old towns and villages.

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