Would you tame all species of wild animals if you could?

Asked by: secretgirlol
  • Love the animals

    I think that all animals should have love. I also belive that all animals can be tamed. If we treat animals like wild animals, then they will act like wild animals. Reptiles, mammals, birds, fish, even bugs should be treated nicely. Yes, it might seem crazy that I am saying this but, I am a big animal lover.

  • The title says all species of animals. Not all animals to ever live.

    I think taming all animal species would be pretty cool. Especially if we can change their behavior to act more like dogs and cats. I say this because people who tame/live with wild animals don't have an owner pet relationship like we do with our pets. I've noticed that the people and the animals seem to have more of a friend/sibling relationship. Dog like tigers and and lions could open up a whole new door military use.

  • Animals are awesome.

    Animals hunt other animals and humans hunt animals either because they are dangerous or because of their loot. If we tame all the animals, we can breed more of them and we won't let them be extinct. We should have enough food to feed them and enough space for them to exercise. Thats why it would be great to tame all animals.

  • Animals aren't just animals

    Just because animals are wild doesn't make them vicious. We are animals too and we aren't running around eating people are we?We are tamed our mothers and fathers tame us we learn to walk instead of crawling like animals.We learn to talk instead of crying like animals roar we learn manners unlike animals first come first serve so if we can be tamed cant animals be tamed also?Imagine a world were animals don't hurt people are pets you would have any animal you want as a pet and it wouldn't attack you or any animals and just eat dirt or grass.

  • Never in my life will I do that.

    Yes, it will be cute but we can't just go around capturing animals and taming them! Why? Because this brings trouble to both sides which are the humans and animals. The humans will suffer because you never know what wild animals will do and that is just why they are called wild animals. I mean it could go like this:
    Human: Aww! You are the cutest tiger I've ever seen
    Tiger: Purrs
    Human: Pats head
    Tiger: Bites face off
    And just like that, congratulations! You died. It will bring trouble to the animal's side because then the balance of the wild will be lost. For example, if you tame all the deers and herbivores and take them to live with you in your giant mansion, the grass will over grow and the carnivores will have to find another food source. So my conclusion is: Never tame wild things!!

  • Of course not!

    Many of us humans should be tamed with all of the crazy people in the world, but we are not considered "wild animals". Animals in the wild are living their lives in their natural habitat, and shouldn't be disturbed with us trying to alter their behavior. Wild animals are seen as dangerous to us, but that is due to their survival instincts.

  • Let them be!

    Wild animals are wild animals. Their habitat is in the wild. Humans cannot just tame every species of wild animals, since it'll change how they act and how they live. Species need freedom to hunt, breed and develop in their own way. So what i'm basically trying to say is leave them alone...

  • Let Animals be Animals

    Why change the perfection of nature and wild animals? What's the point? Then everything is just a pet, waiting to be fed and pet and not work for themselves. Pets are great, but so are wild animals. Wouldn't it be better to have BOTH? If we ruin the nature of wild animals, we ruin nature.

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