Would you vote for a politician that denies climate change in light of the scientific evidence?

  • Climate change is a scam

    Yes, I certainly would vote for a politician who is against climate change as I am myself. There is no REAL scientific evidence in regards to climate change and its a HUGE scam and waste of money . Throughout the world the weather has changed and it will continue to do so.
    Of course this does not mean that we as humans living on this earth should not respect the planet. WE CERTAINLY SHOULD! Less waste less rubbish less of everything would be a great start.

  • They are correct.

    There are many people in the scientific and political community that deny climate change. There is scientific evidence on both sides, and the science against climate change is more compelling. There's nothing wrong with a politician expressing a personal opinion, even if other people are yelling louder on the same topic.

  • Ignoring Climate Change Evidence is Reckless

    I would never vote for a politician who denies climate change, as the evidence strongly suggests that climate change is a real phenomenon. Numerous scientists have written papers and given presentations that describe rising temperatures, stronger storms and melting ice in the polar regions of the world. Climate change has ramifications for the safety of coastal communities and for the success of agriculture throughout a country. Politicians who ignore the strong evidence of climate change may play a role in climate change becoming an even more severe problem in the future.

  • I want a politician who is open to all things.

    In order to be a politician you must know the facts whether you want to accept them or not. You must have clear solutions to make sure that the problems we have in this country get solved and that we are doing all we can to make this a better place to live not just for ourselves but the future generations that will come after us.

  • No, I dont.

    I'm not sure who is worse, the ones that "honestly" don't believe the science, or the ones that do, but still don't want to take action, lest it upset their corporate overlords. If there is a test required before a person is allowed to drive a car, then one should be administered before people are allowed to run a country.

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