• In a utopia, everyone would be appreciative of what they had

    1. A life without any diseases, any pain, and any suffering would be non existent. Heaven is a utopia.

    2. Even though people (ladies man) would say that we learn stuff through contrast, in a Utopian society, people would be happy anyways. It's a UTOPIA, Everyone would be happy, even in a world without any pain. Even in the original utopia, something that many would consider a dystopia, that is no longer a utopia. A utopia would be a disease-less, painless, deathless world.

    Disagree? Comment, lets talk.

    Posted by: asta
  • One person's utopia is an others dystopia

    Some place is a whether Utopia is only according to each single person. For example, some people may think that a world without gays would be a Utopia but, the gays would strongly disagree. Some may even argue that a world with only gays is a utopia. There is a back called utopia that i think was written like 50 years ago and in it; it discribes his own personal utopia but, apart of it involves slavery for prisoners and forieners.

  • Utopias are unlivable

    Living in a utopian society would be extremely boring and inhuman. A world without pain, suffering, sickness, death and emotions would be unlivable, emotion is part of our nature. We appreciate everything by contrast; health through illness, life through death, peace through war, pleasure through discomfort, etc. In a utopian world, without sickness, death, war, etc. we would never appreciate health, life or peace.

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