• The WWE is totally actors more than wrestlers

    I love watching WWE, but every time i watch, it's always fake, no matter how hard they hit and crush each other, it's all acting, nothing is real, there are only like 10% of the male and female wrestlings matches are real only, see male ones, show off during the entrance, female ones, show off their sexy body during the match, 10 or 20 years ago, WWE matches are all real, now it's 2015, and almost all matches are fake, acting, so typically WWE is a fake, it produce fake matches for us to entertain, and all those wrestlers are cowards, we want real fights, this is wrestling, not Hollywood, so WWE is a fake.

  • Not Fake, Choreographed

    If by fake, you mean that the results are predetermined, the moves are choreographed, and that WWE is more performance than competition, then I totally agree. However, if you are trying to say that the performers are not athletes, that the choreographed moves are not really impacting the performers, or that there is no risk involved, then I must say that I thoroughly disagree. Professional wrestling is a highly physical stunt show, combining athleticism and dramatic performance. The stunts are planned, not faked.

  • Wwe is not fake

    So you say wwe is fake and whenever they get hurt they just fake that , and when they are in the ring fighting they are on a script for every move , okay I am going to punch you And then other guy is going read his script and it must say I am going to suplex you or punch back , because people like to script pain .

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