Yao Ming Helped Reduce Shark Fin Soup Consumption in China: Should shark fin soup be outlawed altogether?

  • Yes It must!

    Sharks are important to all the marine eco-system. Besides, people eat shark fin soup for weddings to show gratitude. I think we can replace the soup with something other than shark fin soup as it doesn't do good to our health and moreover, it is a waste of money. In addition, at least they shouldn't let the sharks suffer by throwing them back into the sea. Nowadays, we should educate children to not drink shark fin soup so one day, shark fin soup may be banned by most of the regions in the world. I wish the sharks all best wishes.

  • Yes it should be banned

    As an Asian, I have actually never tried shark fins soup. I have heard they are actually tasteless and they just add flavouring to it to make them taste better. Humans now have a lot of food in the modern days which means we do not need sharks fins soup to survive since there is a load of other food options to choose from. So I'm saying yes it should be banned.

  • Yes, shark fin soup should be banned.

    In Asian countries, shark fin soup ought to be prohibited because of the following factors: it happens to be cruel and unsustainable, as well as for the fact that there are actually alternate foods. The concept that we could benefit from a planet without sharks, betrays insufficient knowledge of the way the environment functions.

  • It should be but...

    Outlawing a food, viewed as a delicacy, that has been consumed for centuries really doesn't address the cultural issues at play. It is kind of like moving to outlaw rhino horn as an herbal medicine; it sounds nice, and lets a lot of people feel very productive, but doesn't really change the underlying issues.

  • Only if it is endangering the sharks.

    The killing of animals for food has been going on for a long time. It was okay when it was essential to one's survival but this day and age we have a wide variety of food that doesn't require the killing of an innocent animal. There is no need to kill a shark so some rich person can have a delicacy.

  • Yes, it should.

    Many sharks are endagered, and the practice of eating shark fin soup has greatly contributed to this endangerment. In addition to this, the rest of the shark is often thrown away, which is a great waste of a natural resource. Sharks are vital and they need to be protected so they can stay alive.

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