Year-round school: Is year-round schooling a valuable extra choice for parents?

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  • Yes, year-round school could be a good choice for some parents.

    In households where parents have to work full time and are unable to be home over the summers, year-round school might be a good choice for their children. However, year-round school does have various breaks spread throughout the year, so they'll still need to find a way to be home, or have childcare, during those breaks. The breaks just don't come all in one three-month lump at the end of a school year.

  • In the end it will be valuable for the parents and students

    Yes, I do believe that year round schooling would be valuable for parents. In the long run it will also be valuable for the students. Those parents that have nowhere for their children to go when they are out of school it can become very expensive when children are out of school. The students learn more and retain more when year round school is in effect, this will help children when they are moving into the next grade and in their future careers.

  • Year-Round Schooling is Valuable

    Yes, year-round schooling is a valuable choice for parents, and for students as well. Too ofte, students forget valuable material from the school year while on summer break. Year-round schooling eschews this possibility entirely and ensures that students will remember the course material as it is refreshed during months the students would normally be off from school.

  • I think that year-round schooling is a valuable extra choice for parents.

    I think that year-round schooling is a valuable extra choice
    for parents. Year-round schooling would
    help American students be more competitive with students from other
    countries. Some students in other
    countries are already doing this. There
    is so much to learn nowadays that students would be better off if they just
    stayed in school all the time.

  • Nothing wrong with extra knowledge

    The idea of year-round school is a subject that I am sure has been tossed around now for decades. While I do not think it's the best idea, it could be a good option for parents. It will keep their students minds in the books, and possibly keep them out of trouble.

  • Year-round schooling a valuable extra choice for parents.

    Some parents are too busy to look after their kids during the summer holiday. Year round school is a good option for them. Many parents just send their kids to summer camps already. School would be more beneficial to kids than summer camps because they could learn somethin useful instead of just having fun.

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  • No. We need this vacation

    Students spend enough time at home doing homework and projects that are from school. Taking away the 2 month break will most likely cause kids to skip school or even drop out of school completely. Year round schools could also stress the students out and even make the students burn out.

  • Ew no no

    Kids need to spend more time with there familys and not have to be couped up in a building for six or seven hours they need to have the time to explore nature and be kids while they still can. This is very important sub ject. And it needs to be discussed more often.

  • No, year round schooling isn't as helpful as it sounds.

    Even though material may be forgotten over summer vacation, most kids can get burnt out if they have too much school. Most of us have experienced summer vacation and the weeks leading up to it are AGONIZING. With year round schooling, those last few weeks would keeps stretching and kids would loose whatever love of school they have.

  • Schools Don't Offer Year Round Schooling

    I do not believe that most schools offer year-round schooling therefore it is not a valuable extra choice for parents. Parents aren't afforded this option with school, parents are forced to follow the policies and schedules that the school releases. I would prefer my child attend school on a year round calendar, however I have no way to exercise that option, so it's not a choice I have to make.

  • No year round schooling is not a valuable extra choice for parents.

    Year round schooling would be very inconvenient for parents. With the break during the summer this allows parents to plan vacations and arrange care for their children. However, if school is open year round and there is no summer break, there would be small breaks throughout the year, forcing a parent to find short -term care for their child/ children. Also it is harder to plan vacations, and I personally think that children should have the two month break off of school.

  • No, Year-round schooling is not a valuable extra choice for parents.

    I don't believe that year-round schooling is a valuable choice for parents. However, it is a valuable choice for the children. One reason is that the scheduling for year-round schooling can be more of a burden on the parents than traditional school. The reason is because year round schooling has a lot more shorter breaks that could interfere with the parents working schedule and/or make it more difficult to find childcare during those breaks.

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