Young Milwaukee girl hurt after officer's gun accidentally goes off: do police guns need more safety features?

  • Yes they do

    A young Milwaukee girl was hurt after a police officer's gun accidentally went off. How does it accidentally go off when the safety mechanism on the gun should be on at all times? The police need to up their training to ensure that they are not employing "idiots" into the force.

  • Yes, police guns need more safety features

    The frequency of police accidents prompts the need for more gun safety features and more weapons training. This accidental event in Milwaukee caused an injury to a 13-year old girl while in a school setting. There is a need for more disciplined action by police and better communication between the public and officers of the law.

  • Yes, police guns need more safety features.

    Yes, police guns need more safety features because incidents like this happen all the time. Police should only be there to protect people, not to fire their guns. Guns should not even be allowed in many situations, and all guns should work properly before an officer decides to use one in public.

  • Training, not features

    No, I don't think that police guns need additional safety features. After all, situations like this are very few and far between. However, I think that additional training is always a good thing. Officers should be held accountable when they do not use their weapons responsibly, especially when someone is hurt.

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