Your opinion on abortion? (Yes is positive, no is negative)

Asked by: Mistystar90
  • Well, your luck I guess.

    If anybody has realised this about me, is that I consider myself on the right. This is an easy answer for me, as I share the same opinions as my fellow rightists. I feel killing children, unborn or not, is not only wrong, but should be treated as murder.

    I mean, if you want to murder your child because you didn't pull out, that's your problem.

  • Abortion is illegal

    This is illegal because at 12 weeks, which is when abortion happens, the baby already has a brain and a heart beat. Plus if you kill a pregnant woman, you are guilty of two murders. Abortion is illegal because you are deliberately choosing to take someones life, which is murder.

  • Aboprtion is negative

    No one on either side of the debate believes that abortion is a good thing. Even most pro choice people believe that it is something to be done at last resort. Abortion stops a beating heart. It kills a baby. It denies a human a chance at life. It harms a woman. How can anyone believe that it is a good thing?

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