Youree Dell Harris, also known as the TV Psychic "Miss Cleo", dies at 53. Was she a worthy television personality?

  • Yes, Miss Cleo was a worthy television personality.

    Yes, Miss Cleo was a worthy of her popularity as a television personality because she offered viewers novelty and captured attention with her unique approach to fortune telling. Miss Cleo served as an entertainer and promoted her psychic powers as a way to help others uncover their direction in life.

  • Yes, Miss Cleo was entertaining and interesting.

    Yes, Miss Cleo was a worthy television personality because she entertained and informed. She brought to the media a different form of entertainment, rounding out the offerings available on TV. She died rather young and will be missed by many, but she did open the doors for other psychics to go on television.

  • No, Miss Cleo was not a worthy television personality

    No, Miss Cleo was not a worthy television personality. Miss Cleo was closer to a commercial or infomercial than a television personality. Most people do not believe that the amount of acting that Miss Cleo did in the psychic commercials qualifies her as a television personality at all. Miss Cleo was teh same a Calvin form the McDonalds commercial.

  • Miss Cleo dies, leaving behind no discernible legacy

    A woman known as the TV Psychic named "Miss Cleo" died recently at the young age of 53. Her real name was Youree Dell Harris. I don't think she was a worthy TV personality - I for one had never heard of her before now, which shows that her influence is relatively small.

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