Zika Virus: Should athletes follow McIlroy's lead and drop out of the Rio Olympics?

  • Yes, any athletes who are worried about contracting the Zika Virus should drop out of the Olympics

    Yes, any athletes who are worried about contracting the Zika Virus should drop out of the Olympics. Athletes who are not worried about it should not drop out of the Olympics. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity, however, it needs to be safe. People should not have to put their health at risk to compete.

  • Yes, the Zika virus is a threat to the future generation.

    Athletes should consider removing themselves from the Rio Olympics. Mosquitoes are hard to avoid in any area of the map. A person can wear insect repellent and avoid the outdoors, but it doesn't mean they are fully protected from the diseases a mosquito may carry. The Zika virus is transmitted through mosquito bites, sexual intercourse, blood transfusions, and in some cases laboratory exposure. The Center for Disease Control states it causes symptoms like, fever, joint pain and weakness, and conjunctivitis. Although the virus is not fatal, the experts on the disease do not know how long the virus stays active in the body, and is a threat to an athlete's performance. In addition, the mosquito carrying the virus is most active during the day, so a collective of athletes begins to appear as a disease-ridden feast for a mosquito, and when the athletes return home, they may spread the virus further introducing it to places it had not been before and inspiring an epidemic.

  • Yes, some athletes might want to drop out of the Rio Olympics.

    The Zika virus puts women of child bearing age at risk of severe complications if they decide to have a baby someday. Those that are concerned about contracting the Zika virus may want to follow Mcllroy's lead and drop out of the Rio Olympics. Many athletes dream of competing in the Olympics; however, they must also consider the risks of contracting Zika as well.

  • Yes, how about the violence over there. It's one of the world's most dangerous places.

    Rational decision, and one which, I am pretty convinced, will become more common as the crisis intensifies. Sensible decision,not worth risking your health and your family for a medal.Apart from Andy Murray can't recall how winning gold enhanced the reputation of any previous tennis winners.Greg Rutherford and Jennifer Ellis should also give it a miss,they have their gold family comes first.

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