Zoos: Is it okay to get zoo animals to perform tricks and do live shows?

  • Yes Animals can learn tricks

    Taronga zoo australia has had only two incidents, not even related to animals being trained! They have many shows every day and surely the animals have to be trained somehow. They use rewards for success, not punishment for failure, and that is how all zoos should work. A b c

  • Yes it is.

    It is okay to get zoo animals to perform tricks and do live shows. As long as they are not being abused, there is nothing wrong with getting them to perform tricks. This is exactly like getting your dog to play fetch or any other type of tricks that you can think of.

  • Yes, it is just good fun.

    Yes, it is okay for zoo animals to perform tricks and do live shows, because the animals are not hurt and it is just in good fun. Teaching an animal to perform a trick doesn't do any harm to the animals, and it entertains people. It could also help raise money for the zoo. As long as it is monitored to make sure animals aren't abused, there is no harm in it.

  • Zoos are horrible

    If you have ever went to a zoo you probably heard someone say that they are helping and taking care of the animals. That’s not true. The definition of zoo is an establishment that maintains a collection of wild animals, typically in a park or gardens, for study, conservation, or display to the public. In the defination it says that zoos maintain a collection of wild animals. Did you see it the word wild. Wild animals should be out in the wild, right? You may think yes, but the animals were hurt ,so the zoos are rehabilitating them. No, the zoos take the animals from the wild, put them in small enclosures and make them perform tricks. That is animal cruelty, the abuse of animals for things other than protection.
    When you go to the zoo you will usually see an animal pacing back and forth, cleaning themselves or flicking up their heads. You may think its cute but this could be a sign of zoochosis which is defined as a repetitive, invariant behaviour pattern with no obvious goal or function. No I’m not saying that cleaning is bad for the animal but over cleaning could be a problem and the animal could get an infection. The infection that they get may be fatal.
    The animals that are taken for the wild and put into zoos often don’t have enough space, especially big cats and polar bears. Polar bears have 1 million times less space than they should have and lions and tigers have 18,000 times less space than they should have. Zoos claim to protect endangered animals, but they turn around and make them perform tricks by

  • Zoos state that they are there to help conserve wildlife yet they destroy it.

    Animals were not meant to jump out of the water or stand on a ball to receive their food. Animals were not meant to balance on one foot out of fear they will be locked into a tiny cage. Animals were not meant to paint a picture out of fear they will be stabbed and prodded. Animals were meant to live freely in their natural habitat and perform natural habits as they were born and taught to do. Teaching animals to do tricks out of fear is not educating on animals it is only educating that it is okay to keep animals in captivity and that it is okay to make animals perform unnatural actions

  • Zoo only want money!!!!!

    Zoo don't care about animal...They only care about making money and animal that lock in cage can suffer from boredom and stress which is not healthy for them to stay still and walk around like that...Animal need to get out of captivity because they need to move around do what they want!!!

  • Freedom Doesn't Go With Slavery

    Have you seen someone force an animal to do a trick? It's not like the animal's going to do it, it even might make them upset. Those animals out there need their freedom, and telling them what to do or forcing them to do something does not match with it. Imagine what you would feel like if the same thing happened to you, it would not feel good. With all the tricks the animals are being told to do, they feel like slaves, or prisoners who didn't do anything wrong. It's just not fair for them, not fair at all. So this concludes my explaining on why it's not okay to get zoo animals to perform tricks and do live shows, they really need their freedom.

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  • No, people should not let animals do tricks

    What will you feel like if you were kicked around and trying to do stuff that other people force you to do? Animals where not built to entertain humans. They were built to survive, not to be a slave, crutch or a puppet for human entertainment. We just can't let them be a slave

  • Zoo Animals Don't Belong in Cages or on Stage

    Zoo animals belong in the wild in their natural habitats, not in a cage or on stage for our entertainment. Wild animals should roam free where they can thrive and be free like normal animals. Humans should travel to Africa and see lions and elephants. Going for a walk can be a cornucopia of birds, deer, snakes and lizards in your own backyard.

  • It is not okay to get zoo animals to perform tricks and do live shows.

    It is not permissible for zoo animals to be forced to perform tricks for tourists. Zoos should protect the dignity of the animals in their care and provide a natural habitat for them to live in. A zoo should not be a circus or entertaining people, but a scientific establishment that helps people learn about nature and wildlife.

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