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About Me:Hi I'm Owen, I'm 15 and I'm from Brighton, England. I'm not going to list what i like doing ect i just typed it all in the other boxes. I love life!
Activities:Magic (card magic specifically) Psychology (the study of psychology and psychology in entertainment (think derren brown) Music: -Piano -Percussion -Singing -Drums -Guitar -Composition -Playing/singing in; -Orchestra's -Percussion ensembles -Wind band's -Four part choir's -Barbershop choirs Theatre lighting and sound Spending time with my friends Eating Chocolate Facebook Reading Working out Girls Science Quantam physics Working out stuff
Beliefs:I am an Athiest and an Anti-theist. I believe god doesn't exist and there is no evidence for the existence of god or any reason to believe in god. I disagree with parents bringing up children one religion or another and disagree with children being forced to attend church. I also disagree with religious schools. I believe theism is one of the biggest causes of suffering in this world. I believe that the world would be a better place without theism. I have the right to these beliefs and everyone has the right to agree or disagree with my beliefs. I believe the most evil people in the world are those who spread hate and fear 'for' their religion for example mulslim extremists and the westboro baptist church.
Books:The CHERUB series by Robert Muchamore The Hendersons Boys series by Robert Muchamore The god delusion by Richard Dawkins Anything by Derren Brown The girl who played with fire (plus the other two) Stieg Larsson Hardy boys Ripley's Believe it or not Pippi longstocking Spots first christmas Harry potter MOST CERTAINLY NOT lord of the rings. Ew. MOST CERTAINLY NOT twilight. Ew. The secret seven
Movies:-Four lions -Borat -Marley and Me -Spy kids (when i was younger) - Basically every film apart from "the human centipede" and "a serbian film". I love movies I couldn't list them all.
Music:Everything apart from baroque. I know everyone says this but i promise It's true. I have music from way back till the present on my ipod.
Quotes:Anything spoken by the brilliant minds of Derren Brown, Richard Dawkins or Doctor who.
Sports Teams:I'm not tooooo into sport. My main exercise comes from working out at home though I do like dancing and ice skating. My team is Brighton is that is where I'm from. I think footballers get paid WAY too much.
TV Shows:Doctor who Family guy Outnumbered Mock the week Torchwood Russel Howards good news Countdown Live at the Apollo What's new scooby doo :P Actually there's loads I can't list them all like movies.

Music Composition Battle


My opponent asked me to challenge him to another music composition battle, which I am very glad to do because, firstly, the previous music composition battle was a lot of fun (actually it's still ongoing as of the time of writing, but was will be the correct pronoun when this goes to voting - see, and secondly, because my opponent was so much fun to debate with in my previous debate with him (

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Fairies exist.


I will be arguing, if you choose to accept, that fairies, do not exist. I will be arguing that there is no evidence for fairies, and they are just fairytales. The burden of proof is on you as you can't prove a negative so please place your arguments and evidence in the first round.Thank youOwen ...

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Abortion is wrong and should be outlawed


I believe abortion is wrong and should be outlawed simply because whether or not you believe in a God or that the child is alive yet or not the point is that it will be and that no human has the right to say that child should not be given the chance to live just because some slut got pregnant and doesn't want the kid or because the parents "aren't ready"....

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Homeopathy is a load of crap and it doesn't work.


-I'm going to be arguing, that homeopathy (the pseudo scientific idea that using super diluted substances (diluted in water usually so much so that the no remaining molecules of the original substance are left so it's basically water (water in which homeopathy practitioners say has some form of healing power left in it)) you can cure illnesses and diseases. -I'm going to argue there is no or next to no scientific evidence for it (evidence from understanding what goes on in the substanc...

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Global warming exists


I will be arguing that global warming (the process of the earth's atmosphere increasing in temperature time due to the greenhouse effect) exists. I saw on your profile you don't believe it does exist and hope this debate will not only be for debating practice but also might change your mind. Please do not worry first round is not just acceptance, put all the evidence you can in there! I hope you accept this debate. Owen...

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Global Warming Exists
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