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Can we use logic to prove logic?


I have read that many philosophers (Gorgias, C.S. Lewis, and others) believe that logic cannot be proved, and that we must assume (have faith in) that logic just works. I find this extremely interesting. At first I was distressed at this thought, for how can we know for certain that anything is certain if can't know that logic is certain. I wrestled with this for a while until I came to an interesting conclusion. The statement that "we cannot know anything for certain, including logic" is in fac...

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If The Universe Has A Cause, That Cause Is A Personal Mind


I would like to debate Philochristos on this subject as I feel he is one of the most skilled Theists on this site. In this debate we will assume that the universe began to exist, and has a cause. It will be Pro's job to show that this cause is a personal mind, and my job to show why Pro's reasoning doesn't stand up to critical scrutiny. In Pro's last round he will simply put "no argument will be posted, as agreed." My opponent's first arguments will be posted in round one; no acceptan...

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Hillary Clinton secretly has gills


Good luck, I shall let my opponent go first. I recommend a highly experienced debater because they will be arguing against blatant facts....

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I Think does not mean I AM


Aim:In this debate, the opponent must prove why I Think equals to the existence of one's selfWhile I will try to disprove such ideaBurden of proof:Since this is more of a philosophical debate, not all arguments must be strictly supported by evidence (but any proof/sources are welcome :P)Rules:Please use the first round as acceptance, you can use the remaining rounds in whatever ways you likeThat being said, have fun and good luck!...

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omniscience and omnipotence equals no freewill


not going to use 8,000 characters. everything will be taken in clear black and white. commonsense must be needed, thanks. use your brain! ;) If God is all-knowing then He would have already known if you were going to Heaven or Hell before He made you in the first place. He knew every single action you were going to commence before He created you. He knew if you were going to love the world before He made you. How can you say you have freewill (addressed to believers), if there is a source of...

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